Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Picnic and New Powerful Suction at My House!!

It seems as though everyone is interested in the picnic I attended yesterday. I did go. I actually had to talk myself into this because I was ready to back out at the last minute.

Then, I decided I needed to get out and be with some people who feel and think the same way I do (fellow Christians!). The "devil"ed (thank you, Kathy--I didn't think of the pun there--not really intended--but a good laugh) eggs were ready. All I had to do was get myself together and get there!!

And so I did!! There were about 20 people there--a wonderful, nice group of people. I do have pictures, but I can't find my camera attach it to the computer thing (whatever the technical name is!), so we'll just have to wait for them.

I did meet a very nice gentleman there who wanted to be sure that I was going to be at the cafe on September 12 (and get this--the name of the cafe is Warm Heart Cafe!) and also the square dance on September 27. So, I guess I'll have a partner to swing after all!!

I've always felt that if God wanted me to have another man in my life, that He would send him to me. Now, I'm not saying that this is this man--but it was nice to have some male attention for a change!

It was a very wonderful time! Very relaxing and a welcoming atmosphere. Now, I can't wait for the cafe in a few weeks--music, coffee, conversation (three of my favorite things!)

When I came home, my son had lovingly gone to the store and purchased a new vacuum cleaner for me. I think he was tired of hearing me grumble about my old one. It clogged every 10 minutes or so while vacuuming, and then I had to take it all apart, put it back together, and start again.

He researched vacuum cleaners (if you knew my son, you wouldn't find this unusual at all!), and came home with a brand new Eureka for me. It's called "The Boss", and I'm so thrilled with this that I even took pictures of it!!

Poor boy--he said that if he had known that a new vacuum would have made me so happy, he would have gotten me one a long time ago!! We worked and worked last evening. I even had him take the vents of the duct-work covers and cleaned them all out!!

So, a very wonderful day all around!! This was just what I needed for a great pick-me-up!

Sorry I can't find my cord to show you the pictures. I have some nice ones of the stream that runs through the park, and of course, playground pictures, too!! As soon as I find the cord (see what comes from cleaning too much--I put this somewhere where I knew I would remember and now I can't find it!) I'll post the pictures of the picnic and my new vacuum.

I've posted all the teams involved in Dish Rag Tag. I'm in the Rag Taggers--way down the bottom--team #23. Right now, it looks like most of the teams are fairly close. This has been more fun than I thought it would be, and I'm glad I joined (are you glad you joined, Kathy?--had to convince her!!)

Now, I'm off to make Spaghetti Pie for my son. He has requested this, and I think he deserves it after treating his mom so very nicely yesterday!! There is usually too much, so I'm going to make two and take one tomorrow to someone I work with.

K--that's all for a while!!



Aunt Kathy said...

I love how God works.

I'll let you know how glad I am about the dish rag tag when I get my turn and see how it goes, LOL

And pray tell what is Spaghetti Pie?

Oh and lastly... what kite afghan were you teasing me with? I haven't seen this anywhere

Tiffanie said...

I'm glad you went to the picnic! I feel like a giddy high schooler and want to ask you to tell me all about the guy you met... but I'll wait to here how the cafe goes. :)

Your son is awesome! Can I borrow him in a couple years... Maybe he can give my boys a few pointers on how to care for mom. I didn't take pictures of mine... but when I got a new vacuum cleaner I too was quite happy, and spent the day cleaning and sucking up every speck of dirt in sight.

Thanks for checking in on me at my blog, even though I've been a bit MIA. And thanks for your prayers for me and my family. I do hope baby comes soon, but I keep trying to remember that God is in control. By the way, all the walking I've been doing... doc told me today it won't help. It only helps once your already in labor, but won't really put you into labor. Oh well.

The boys are excited... we all are. The older two keep asking if they can help feed the baby and hold it. And they like feeling my tummy and giving it hugs and kisses. And the youngest will walk into the nursery or to the cradle in our room and sweetly ask if it's for the baby. I don't know how much he really understands, especially since he thinks he has a baby in his belly too, but he kisses my tummy too and we talk a lot about "when the baby comes out".

Maybe tonight...

Truth4thejourney said...

YEAH! I am so glad you went and also glad that you met someone... To be continued on that one. :)

I am glad you have the new "boss" to keep things clean over there. You have a good son. :)

Have a blessed day!

Tea said...

Hi Beth,
I'm so glad you are enjoying DRTS. Looks like your team has a good chance of placing in the top three.

What a wonderful son you have!
Such a blessing.