Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cleaning Up Begins....

And so the reconstruction begins!!

There is a huge dumpster taking up most of my driveway, and after cleaning up debris, glass, cinder blocks, ripping out what was left of walls that had been driven through....well, the dumpster is almost full!!

But, progress has been made....the debris is cleared, the bathroom is completely gutted.

My stove, washer and dryer, refrigerator, dining room furniture are now all in my living room so that work can begin on the bathroom and kitchen.

I'm doing okay with all of this...though there are those times that I just feel overwhelmed...and then there are a few tears.

But, we are here, alive and kicking...and that is the important issue in all of this.

My daughter took some pictures of the progress of renovation. But, since I'm using someone else's computer, I don't have access to them. If I figure out a way to share them with you, I'll post them because it is a sight to behold!!

In the meantime, I'm safe and sound at a friend's home who has made me feel completely welcome. Andrew is staying with his girl friend...and I'm not sure at this point whether he will be returning home or not. But, then again he will be 30 years old this month, and perhaps this is the time for him to move on.

Estimated time to renovate and reconstruct--the contractor told me yesterday--maximum of 5 weeks. So, again I patiently wait.