Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday (AGAIN!!) and Gratitude

Yes, it is Monday again!! Where do these weekends go? It is pouring down rain, and poor Miles, who was out all night, came in soaking wet!!

I couldn't sleep well on Thursday night...a lot on my mind. Every time I woke up I would go outside onto the deck....look at the moon...and pray. I've been doing a lot of praying over the past several days....and my heart feels full and peaceful now......

#13 Answered prayer

#14 The moon to calm me on sleepless nights

#15 Choices to make in God's way....not mine

#16 A clean home

#17 Migraine free for an entire week (plus a day)!!!


holy experience

Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Awesome Day!!

First, I have to tell you!! I increased the amount of water I drank this past week....and this is the first weekend I've been migraine free in quite a long time!! I felt a little twinge of one coming on yesterday afternoon--stopped at the store and bought a 33 oz. bottle of water...and presto!! Headache gone!!

So, needless to say, I'm going to keep this in up in hopes that this is the cure for the migraine problem!!

I had planned on spending the day yesterday working on Lydia's CHRISTmas stocking. On Friday, Lindsay asked me if I would like to have lunch with her.....and then take her to her hair appointment. It's been some time since I've had one on one with her, so I decided to grab the offer while it was still standing.

We went to "Dukes" in Wormleysburg. I haven't been there is quite a while, so this was a real treat. Lindsay had the Tuscan Turkey Sandwich, and I had the Assateague Chicken Breast Sandwich. My sandwich was a chicken breast with crab meat on the top, lettuce, tomato on a hard roll--Awesome!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we sat outside on the deck and took some photos.

This is the Walnut Street Bridge which spans the Susquehanna River from the East Shore (Harrisburg) to this portion of the West Shore (Wormleysburg).

If you look closely, you can see that it is divided into two sections......

This is the portion of the bridge remaining standing from the Harrisburg side....

This bridge was originally built in 1890 and was used for traffic to cross from Harrisburg--or as people here call it--"The East Shore"--to "The West Shore" of the Susquehanna River.

Due to damage from Hurricaine Agnes in 1970, the bridge was closed to car traffic and limited solely to pedestrian traffic. At night, the entire bridge is lined in white lights, and it is a spectacular sight when traveling on either side of the river.

In 1996--remember the Nor'easter in 1996? I'm sure most of the people living in this area do. We had 35-40 inches of snow (depending upon your location) dumped on us in a matter of 2-3 days. This was followed by another storm, then a rapid warming and rain.

Because of this rapid warming and the rainfall, the river rose and ice jams were present--floating down the river and knocking down whatever was in their path. Unfortunately, an ice floe (combined with the high waters) knocked this bridge off its foundations, and it collapsed.

The cost to repair the bridge entirely is considered to be too high--12-15 million dollars. So, the eastern side has been repaired at the cost of $5,000,000 and is once again open to pedestrian traffic--but not the entire way across the river--only to City Island where the Harrisburg Senator baseball team plays. A lot of people park their cars on City Island during the day and walk into Harrisburg to work.

And just some random shots I took while waiting for Lindsay's hair to be completed!!

A beautiful, wonderful day!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Counting Towards CHRISTmas!!

Oh, please don't get too upset with me about the CHRISTmas countdown!! I know it's early, but I have a lot to get accomplished!!

Hopefully, looking at this and realizing just how truly little time I actually do have will push me somewhat in the right direction......

I've taken a project to work....something work on for Cara. Lindsay works with me, but our lunch isn't scheduled together, so I can work for this for a bit during the day.

I'm going to see if Cara is available this weekend to help me pick out some fabric for the throw pillows Lindsay is wanting for her bedroom. Every time Lindsay and I are out together, she looks at these and then puts them back. I know she would love to have these to spiff up her bedroom a little.

Oh, it's nice to have someone to take along to help pick out the fabric!! Also, this weekend I'm really going to knuckle down on Lydia's stocking. The migraine last weekend put this on hold, and I'm finding that after working all day and using my eyes for computer work that I just can't seem to work on this in the evening.

Now, I'm off to read a little--then off to sleep for the last day of the work week--which I really thought was never going to arrive--so slowly the days moved along this week.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My piano instruction books arrived yesterday as I had hoped!! I sat down with Book #1--started at the very beginning--and worked my way through the first three lessons. Andrew came home during this practice, and stated "sounds pretty good"....which actually is a compliment from him.

As I promised a few days ago, I would post finished pictures of Lydia's Starghan. This definitely ended up being a bit bigger than I anticipated. But, she'll be able to have this as she grows. I'm really liking the bright colors....and I know she is attracted to bright one birthday present for Lydia has been completed!!

Now, Peggy was questioning 'popeye eggs', there is no spinach in them--even though that seems to be all Popeye ever ate!!

These are something that bring back a lot of childhood memories--both for me and my own children. When I was young, and my father had passed away, my mother went back to work full-time. My grandmother was then in charge of me. She would venture to my Aunt Edna's once a week to help her with her children and her ironing. For some reason, my grandmother loved to iron, and she ironed everything!!

During the summer when I wasn't in school, my mom would be at work, my brother off somewhere (remember he is 5 years older than me!), and Grandma and I would take a taxi cab to my Aunt Edna's once a week. I remember leaving in the morning before breakfast. I loved that taxi ride!! Grandma would sit up front with the driver, and I had the whole backseat to myself. This was a large, leather seat, and as the cab driver would go around corners, I'd slide back and forth across the seat....just laughing!! No seatbelts at that time!!

Anyway--since we had had no breakfast, Aunt Edna would make us 'popeye eggs'. So, I guess you could say this has been handed down through the family....

It's really very simple--not much to it--but it was special to me and then in turn to my own children.

You will need an egg and one slice of bread for each one you need to make. Place your bread on a counter or plate (or wherever is your choosing!). Take a glass (say juice glass size--not too big of a glass!!), and use the opening of this glass to cut of hole in the center of the bread.

Now you have a slice of bread with a hole in it and a small piece of round bread. Melt a little butter in a frying pan. Place your bread with the hole and the round bread in the pan. Break your egg and pour into the hole in the bread. Let this fry until ready to turn. Flip over the bread with the egg and the round hole....cook slightly on the other side.

Now, you have an egg and toast--all in one--plus a little round toasted piece of bread to dip into your egg.

How did this receive the name of 'popeye egg'? Well, remember Popeye? He only ever had one eye open....and this looks just like an eye staring up at you (before you eat it).

Give it a try--easy, simple, and tastes good, too!!

Why did Lindsay ask if I thought of her? Lindsay had her tonsils removed when she was four years old. After this procedure, she refused to eat.....for days. She would drink, but not eat a thing. Finally, she ate a poached egg....which is all she ate--each meal--every day--for I couldn't tell you how long--a poached egg sitting on a piece of toast.

One morning I changed this to a 'popeye egg' to see if she would eat this. And she did--again every day, every meal--for almost a year. But, at least she was eating again. No wonder she asked if I thought of her!! How could I not?

And who would have thought--the child who only ate these for so long would turn into one of the best cooks I know. She now eats (and makes) all kinds of delicacies using unusual seasonings and altering recipes to suit herself. Go, Lindsay!!

Have to go get ready for work!! A wonderful day to all!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remember to Drink Water!!

As I walked outside this morning with my cup of coffee, I looked up at the sky. Yes, it is still dark. But, the clouds are visible with small patches of sky shining through....reminded me of a patchwork quilt....

I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting, but have never succeeded. Perhaps sometime in the future...or perhaps never.

I see that 'Tea' left a comment regarding migraines and drinking water. I'm going to give that a try. I very rarely drink water...mainly consume coffee as a liquid....and now I'm thinking that since coffee actually is a diuretic (making you go to the bathroom more!), that perhaps I'm actually dehydrating myself!! So, water it is....anything is worth a try!! And if this works, what a simple solution to such a complex problem!! This will have to a conscious effort on my part to try to get enough water into my system. I'm going to actually write myself a note that says "Remember to Drink Water!!" and post it to my computer...particularly at work...thanks for the suggestion, 'Tea'!!

I saw Lydia yesterday....unfortunately because she had a doctor's appointment. Poor little girl has a fever, both ears infected and a sore throat. So, she is now on antibiotics (which she doesn't like to take at all!). Both she and Cara looked like they needed a long rest.....Lydia has been up during the past two nights with pain in her ears...and I mean all night long!!

No work done on Lydia's CHRISTmas stocking due to the migraine over the weekend....there is no way I could have seen those tiny hopefully this week some progress will be made.

My piano instruction books were to have arrived yesterday, and they did not. I am hoping for today. I've been fooling around with this, and if I am going to learn I want to learn in the proper way. I have a CHRISTmas I want to be able to play "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by that is a goal!! I have some Chopin pieces that are also my favorites. Talk about jumping ahead of myself......

So, that's all for today.....


Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching Up.....Blessing Upon Blessing

Friday: A wonderful beginning and stressful end to the week....started with a migraine driving on my way home from work--couldn't see properly out of my right eye (the aura that starts the whole thing). Came home--took some medicine--went to bed praying that the pain would not become intense and last for the entire weekend. Stayed in bed all Friday evening....the pain did come, but at least my vision cleared.

Saturday: Residuals left from the headache--a dull ache in my head and some nausea. Still carried on with my plans and went to breakfast with a friend. We went to the Soda Jerk in Hummelstown and wandered around a few shops. The headache intensified--we were both tired--came home and took a nap. Awoke with the headache.

Sunday morning: The headache was still there--praying that this will go away--I have a meeting to attend. This headache actually woke me up at 3 a.m. Took some more medication and back to sleep--slept through church and the meeting!! Woke up--still some residual--dull, throbbing type pain behind my right eye....

Sunday afternoon: Finally woke up again....Andrew is home from his camping trip....finally feeling more like myself. Read a little bit, made cinnamon rolls (recipe from Pam),
then back to bed until this morning.......

And so the week begins--not much accomplished this entire weekend, but at least the headache is gone....just in time for me to return to work!!

Moving on with "One Thousand Gifts":

#7: Wearing a red tee-shirt, I stepped outside and sat in a deck chair. I closed my eyes and raised my face to the sun. I felt and heard a "whirring" noise next to my right ear. Upon opening my eyes, I saw a tiny hummingbird--wings moving so rapidly to create the "whirring". I have never before seen a hummingbird near my home. I suppose the red tee-shirt had this little one thinking I was a feeder. Now, I'm going to start my own CHRISTmas list--'hummingbird feeder'.

#8: Wind chimes blowing softly in the breeze--a melody that is written by God just for me to hear.

#9: 'Popeye eggs' for dinner which took me right back to good memories of my children when they were young. The next day at work, someone mentioned what they had made for their evening meal the night before. I said that I made 'Popeye eggs'....and my youngest, Lindsay (who works with me), said: "And did they make you think of me?"....and yes, they did....

#10: Rain

#11: Ducks quacking on the creek as they and I awaken.

#12: Cool evenings of sleeping with the windows open and blankets to snuggle under.


holy experience

Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Move

As you can see, this is a child who is on the move!! She is crawling at the speed of light and pulling herself up.....getting into all kinds of things she shouldn't be....such as in this picture where she is about to awaken Lindsay's sleeping kitty. Oh, I didn't tell you Linday has a kitty? He is fairly new to the household...only about 3 weeks now....his name is Ivan. And he is another one who is into everything.
And in case you're wondering if she is always a happy child, here is a picture of what happens when she has been told the word "no"....

What a sad face!!
As I told her mother--"Make sure your 'no' means 'no' and your 'yes' means 'yes'. Don't say 'no' if you're going to change your mind after seeing this face (and hearing the whining) and then say 'yes'.
Lydia's Starghan has been completed as of yesterday evening....washed, dried and put away until her birthday. This actually turned out a little larger than expected, but I wanted her to be able to have this not just as a small child but later into her life. I, myself, have an afghan that I made for my mother over 30 years ago---washed and dried many times--and it is still in good shape. So, hopefully, this one will hold up as well.
I tried to take some pictures of the completed project...none of them turned out very well. When Andrew comes home this evening, I'll have him take some using his camera (which is way better than mine!)...and post them tomorrow.
Planning on working on Lydia's stocking last night, but my eyes were too tired for the tiny this evening this project will take the forefront.....and remain in the forefront until completion.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't Be Afraid.....I am here....

There are 5 bears sitting on my mantel over my fireplace.......

There are 3 more that are almost completed waiting to join them.....
Then they are going on a trip......
to New York......
into the arms of a child who has been taken from his or her
for their own protection.
So far......
in this year alone......
over 1,000 bears have been made
and donated......
to these
Over 1,000 bears....
in only 4 agencies....
in only 1 city.
If you love a child, if you know how to knit or crochet or know someone who does, won't you consider helping us? Check out the website for joining this group....
A child.....
taken from their home....
a home that is not safe
for them.
No one to love them.....
No one to care.....
A bear to hug and hold
on to...
Don't be afraid.....I am here.....

holy experience

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the week begins...

a day later than usual....but still beginning.

The three day weekend is officially over, and I feel like it has just begun!!
Cara brought Lydia over for a visit on Sunday, and she played the piano (in her own fashion, of course). She seemed to enjoy the fact that she could make "music", and kept saying "Ooooohhh!".....I think we have a natural on our hands....

I did a little shopping around for piano instruction books, and finally decided which to order. I've gotten as far as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", using both hands. which I consider to be an accomplishment since I haven't played anything or read music for quite a number of years.

Lydia's Starghan is almost completed, and then I can move on to her stocking. I had every intention of finishing her birthday project this weekend. But, as each "go-around" is longer than the previous, it's taking me a bit longer than anticipated. I have two more rows and then the edging....then completion!!

After I posted my "gratitude list" yesterday, I walked outside for a bit. Almost immediately, two more items to add to my list occurred. I've written them down, and they'll have to wait until next week's posting.

I hope to have a photo of the finished Starghan tomorrow. Never did find those batteries...I wonder where they walked to? Hmmmm.......


Monday, September 6, 2010


Monday's will begin to look a little different around here. I've blogged for a time, stopped for a time, and then began again. I have had good times, bad times, and in between times. I can honesty say that I have spent more time bouncing back and forth between the bad and the in between times, and less time focusing on the good times. They are there--definitely there--but I tend to lose my focus.

I do not suffer from the "have nots". Through a very long learning process, I've come to realize that what I do not have I basically do not need.

What I do suffer from is the "just nots"--the just not rights, the just not good enoughs, the just not 'perfect' enough, the just not worthy enough for God to love me. I know in my heart that He does truly love me, but from time to time I slip back into these patterns--old tapes playing over and over in my mind......lies.....lies told to me by others and then used by Satan to try to bring me down.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to believe these lies.....having been told them by those who meant a lot to me....those who should have loved me unconditionally and did not.....those that I loved.

I am healing.....slowly healing....learning to replace these lies with the truths from God.

I sometimes find myself overreacting to situations or words spoken by others.....situations and words that take me back to places that I thought I had put aside....places that I thought were healed....obviously they are not totally gone.

I have tried to take the word "why" out of my vocabulary because sometimes there isn't an answer just within my grasp. Only God knows the answer to all of my "whys". So, I rest in the assurance that there are reasons for my "whys", and perhaps I don't need to know right at this very moment.

And so, I begin again...

As I'm looking around the world of blogging, I discovered a blog that I had not seen before. This is Holy Experience. And in this blog I found the "Gratitude Community".

Yes, I am thankful. Yes, I know of all the blessings that God has bestowed upon me....the very obvious blessings. But, have I thanked Him for all of these blessings? Sadly, I can say that the answer is "no".

Blessings come in all sizes--from the smallest to the largest. And so the Gratitude Community.

There are a few suggestions listed in this blog regarding your own list of gratitudes:

1. Pray that He will open the eyes of your heart.

2. Begin giving thanks for the daily washing in the fountain of His gifts--a scrap of paper or journal. Notice and write down from the obvious to the little. And begin to feel more joy, less stress, better health, more connected in your relationships, and more delight in your everyday life.

There is more detail regarding this at the Gratitude Community. If you are feeling as I do sometimes, if you just want to really be thankful and grateful for all that you do experience every day, if you want to feel more joyful and less stress, if you want to find wonderment in your life every day, I would suggest stopping by and reading some of the posts and lists of thankfulness.

Today, I begin my own list. I've kept a 'gratitude journal' in the past. But, this is a new list--starting this morning.

holy experience
1. Lydia's laughter and her dimple in her left cheek.
2. Friends who care for me deeply and understand and do not care if I cry....cry in times of
sadness, happiness or for no reason at all. These tears have been held back for too long
and I am thankful that my emotions have returned.
3. After a particularly stressful morning at work, I walked outside during lunch. There was
an orange and black Monarch butterfly just sitting on a bush. I walked closely towards it,
and it did not fly away. I thanked God for showing me this, and the realization came
upon my that I am a new creation in Jesus Christ--not just on the day I accepted Him
as my Savior, but each and every moment of my life.
4. A very blue sky with puffy white clouds.
5. Sitting on my deck each morning with a cup of coffee and watching the world come alive.
6. A spider web--intricately woven--with drops of dew hanging from it. An awe-inspiring
7. My love of music--a gift from God--and how He speaks to me so often through music.
Thank You, God for showing me these things and opening my heart and eyes. I pray that You will continue to point me to You through the beauty of Your creation, Your people, Your very presence in my life, and replace the lies with Your truths.
And the list will continue on next Monday.......

Sunday, September 5, 2010

On to CHRISTmas!!

I've almost completed Lydia's Starghan.....a few more rows and then the edging!! And then her birthday present will be complete!! project accomplished!!

Next, I have to finish her stocking. I was going to take pictures of what the completed stocking is going to look like and how much I have done....but, my battery is 'exhausted'!! I know I have two new batteries here somewhere...but then again, some things were moved in preparation for the arrival of the piano.

Speaking of the piano, I went shopping yesterday to try and locate some instructional books. I only found one or two, and both of them were double the price of the very same books offered on Amazon. But, my friend, Peggy, found some online instruction at Zebra Keys which I think I'll be trying out today.

So, here is a picture of the completed stocking from 1-2-3 Stitch. I love this company!! They have so many counted cross stitch (and other) projects that I have never seen in a craft store.

Of course, the name will say 'Lydia' and not 'Adrienne'

So, until I find the batteries, I'll just let you know that I have only a small portion of the animals at the bottom completed and a portion of the red-checkered I have a lot to work on!! But, this is important to my children. At this point, Lydia won't remember one way or the other whether she had a stocking this year, but her mother and aunt and uncle will....

I'll be getting some new batteries (if I can't find the ones I know I have) and post an update next Sunday of my progress.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


And so my 'surprise' arrived last evening around 5:30 p.m.!! Andrew and Lindsay were also excited about this 'arrival'!! Andrew picked up Lindsay from work, went to her home so she could change her clothes, and then came to my home to 'play around'. And 'play around' they did!! Cara is also interested in using this item....though she is wondering how she is going to manage her schedule in order to have ample time to fully use her ability.....
And, of course, Lydia will be able to make use of this some day also!!

And here it is!!

Now, you may be wondering how I came to be the owner of this piano--me, who cannot afford a piano in any way, shape or form.

Friends of mine are expecting a baby within the next week or so. They live in a townhouse, and did not have the room to keep this with all the baby items that are clamoring for space.

They put a small blurb on Facebook asking who would be interested in this. Six people were, so they held a silent auction, and I won!! YIPPEE!!

I wanted Andrew and a friend to move this for me, but the more he looked and investigated the possibilities and problems of moving a piano, he opted for professional piano movers. And early last evening, this piano came to my home....a true blessing....something that my heart has desired for over 50+ years.

Yes, you read that right--50+ years!! I first expressed my desire for a piano when I was 5 years old. My parents could not afford one, did not have the room, and did not have the extra income for lessons. I have not been praying for a piano, but God knows the desires of our hearts, and He granted this desire to me in a way I could afford and then enjoy. Thank You, God!! (and the former owners of the piano!!).

Now, off to investigate a little further for instruction books.....I just can't decide which to purchase. I think I'm going to go to the bookstore today....look around at what is available and pricing of these books. Then, back to Amazon to see what prices they have to offer....

I can read music, so I am a step ahead of the game!!

Since the stores aren't open yet, I think I'll go work on Lydia's Star Afghan for a bit....another thank You to God for my elbow not acting up while I am doing this!!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't Wish Your Life Away.....

as my Grandmother admonished me many times!!

When I was a young child, I wished to be 13; when I was 13, I wished to be 16; when I was 16, I wished to be 21. I expressed these wishes to my Grandmother, and her reply, as always, was:

"Don't wish your life away!! It will be over soon enough, and you'll have missed these special times wishing for future times!!"

Yes, Grandmother was very wise, even though she had practically no formal education having left school at the age of 9 to pursue full-time employment in a chocolate dipping factory. She was self-taught in the basics of math, reading and writing.....and I loved her dearly. She taught me the good of "hard-work ethics". Having worked for years in the hand-dipped chocolate industry, she never ate chocolate that I can remember. She just absolutely refused to eat chocolate--even expensive chocolate!!

So, I'm not wishing my life away, Grandma....but I do wish that the time on this computer said 5:38 p.m. instead of 5:38 a.m.!!

My long awaited surprise is arriving early this evening, and I am telling you--I can hardly wait much longer!! I realized this morning that I will need some books to go along with this, so I spent a little time searching Amazon for the best available. I haven't definitely decided, so I'll need to go back and research some more.

Let's say, I hope my long awaited surprise comes this evening....I talked with the person who is bringing said surprise yesterday. Yes, he remembers me. Yes, he knows the town where I live. But, he did not receive any of my emails with the pick up and delivery instructions (and they were very explicit). He told me that he does have my phone number, he will call if there are any problems, and would I please email him the instructions again?

I did this yesterday when I arrived home from work, and to quiet my mind that he had received this, I requested a "read receipt" from my email. I checked this morning....none has arrived. I can only, at this point, rest assured that this will all go off as planned.

Moving forward--this is a much needed three day weekend. I'm not planning on doing much picnic-wise as some are. I will be meeting up with a friend for some time together on Monday. Other than that, I plan on relaxing, enjoying the surprise, finishing Lydia's Star Afghan, and then moving on to her CHRISTmas stocking. Lindsay reminded me how long this is going to take, and if nothing else gets accomplished for CHRISTmas, this project will.

These stockings are important to my children. Each child had their own handmade stocking for their first CHRISTmas. I didn't realize how important they were to them until the year we couldn't find them. Apparently, they were packed away with "non-CHRISTmas" items (how that happened, I'll never know), and they were not happy with this situation at all. There was a mass undertaking of looking through boxes in the attic until they were found. Of however many presents there are under the tree (and some years there weren't too many), they always went to their stockings first--to find the small, wrapped and especially picked "just for them" items.

Lydia didn't have one last year, being born on Thanksgiving Day and only a small infant. Cara picked this particular one especially for Lydia, and it WILL be finished by CHRISTmas.

I'm going to be posting some pictures over the weekend--what the finished project will look like and how far I've progressed (which isn't too far!!). Then, I'm thinking that each weekend I'll post a "progress photo". This will help to keep me accountable and working on this. This stocking is complicated, time-consuming, and somewhat tedious...but it is for Lydia which makes it all worthwhile--something that she can have forever--and hopefully learn to do herself (lessons from Grandma--or whatever I will be called) someday.

Now--off to get ready for work--which will at the very least occupy my mind and restlessness until this evening!!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Almost There......

And so it is Thursday!! Two more days of work and then a 3 day weekend!! Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on some sleep on one of these days!! It seems I am always feeling exhausted lately...This seems to come and go...can last for a few days or sometimes even a month or more of this total fatigue and achiness. Then, it will go away for a time....I'll think to myself--"Okay, you're feeling better now"....and then it arrives again!!

Along with the fatigue and achiness there is the headache...the headache that is my constant companion every day of my life during these times. I wake up with it...I go to bed with fun....


The area of my home where Andrew had accumulated a lot of "stuff" that he thinks is essential to his life has been cleared. Thank you, Lindsay!! She has a way about her of getting him into gear and realizing that he does not need this or that, and so it goes to the trash.

He balked a little at one of the three extra keyboards that he has, and Lindsay said to him, "This is why I am don't need this...what are you going to do with is old, has two broken's going!!" And out it went!!

The piece of furniture that I needed moved to enable a space for my surprise (which will be arriving tomorrow in the early evening!) has been relocated. Now, we are all just waiting.....and yes, my entire family is excited about this. This is something that I have wanted and dreamed of since I was a little child, but I had no idea that my children would be so elated also!! We're all waiting with a kind of expectation that is a wonderment to me....tomorrow will be here soon!!

Now, I wanted to share with you:

Cara has a friend named Adriane. Adriane is a budding photographer, and she contacted Cara about doing some pictures of Lydia at no cost....just to experiment with some props and shadings, and whatever else it is that photographers do (because I have no idea except point and shoot).

She took 49 pictures of Lydia--who wasn't very cooperative for some of them having been awakened from a nap and slightly grouchy from that third tooth coming in. These are three of my favorites:

Piggy toes in the grass

I'm so big playing peek-a-boo!! I'll bet you
can't see me!!

And this is my favorite--can't say why--it just is:

That's all for today--I'll be back tomorrow evening or Saturday morning with pictures of my surprise!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes I Just Wish.....

A very hectic day at very, very busy....and I come home to these two:

Yes, Scout and Miles laying together on one of my deck chairs....enjoying the sunny day!

There are times when I wish I were a cat--a cat with a good, loving home....of course!!

Lindsay is coming home with Andrew today...we have some work to accomplish and some furniture to move because I have a surprise coming on Friday!! YIPPEE!!

Make sure to come back later in the week for pictures of this one!!