Thursday, September 2, 2010

Almost There......

And so it is Thursday!! Two more days of work and then a 3 day weekend!! Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on some sleep on one of these days!! It seems I am always feeling exhausted lately...This seems to come and go...can last for a few days or sometimes even a month or more of this total fatigue and achiness. Then, it will go away for a time....I'll think to myself--"Okay, you're feeling better now"....and then it arrives again!!

Along with the fatigue and achiness there is the headache...the headache that is my constant companion every day of my life during these times. I wake up with it...I go to bed with fun....


The area of my home where Andrew had accumulated a lot of "stuff" that he thinks is essential to his life has been cleared. Thank you, Lindsay!! She has a way about her of getting him into gear and realizing that he does not need this or that, and so it goes to the trash.

He balked a little at one of the three extra keyboards that he has, and Lindsay said to him, "This is why I am don't need this...what are you going to do with is old, has two broken's going!!" And out it went!!

The piece of furniture that I needed moved to enable a space for my surprise (which will be arriving tomorrow in the early evening!) has been relocated. Now, we are all just waiting.....and yes, my entire family is excited about this. This is something that I have wanted and dreamed of since I was a little child, but I had no idea that my children would be so elated also!! We're all waiting with a kind of expectation that is a wonderment to me....tomorrow will be here soon!!

Now, I wanted to share with you:

Cara has a friend named Adriane. Adriane is a budding photographer, and she contacted Cara about doing some pictures of Lydia at no cost....just to experiment with some props and shadings, and whatever else it is that photographers do (because I have no idea except point and shoot).

She took 49 pictures of Lydia--who wasn't very cooperative for some of them having been awakened from a nap and slightly grouchy from that third tooth coming in. These are three of my favorites:

Piggy toes in the grass

I'm so big playing peek-a-boo!! I'll bet you
can't see me!!

And this is my favorite--can't say why--it just is:

That's all for today--I'll be back tomorrow evening or Saturday morning with pictures of my surprise!!


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Peggy said...

ADORABLE!!!'s almost Friday... and time for a surprise!!!

But these sweet photos surprise me with some sweet JOY!!! Toes & all!

almost forgot...blessings Beth & Lydia and all the rest even cats & snail & puppy dog tail (not really snail)...