Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remember to Drink Water!!

As I walked outside this morning with my cup of coffee, I looked up at the sky. Yes, it is still dark. But, the clouds are visible with small patches of sky shining through....reminded me of a patchwork quilt....

I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting, but have never succeeded. Perhaps sometime in the future...or perhaps never.

I see that 'Tea' left a comment regarding migraines and drinking water. I'm going to give that a try. I very rarely drink water...mainly consume coffee as a liquid....and now I'm thinking that since coffee actually is a diuretic (making you go to the bathroom more!), that perhaps I'm actually dehydrating myself!! So, water it is....anything is worth a try!! And if this works, what a simple solution to such a complex problem!! This will have to a conscious effort on my part to try to get enough water into my system. I'm going to actually write myself a note that says "Remember to Drink Water!!" and post it to my computer...particularly at work...thanks for the suggestion, 'Tea'!!

I saw Lydia yesterday....unfortunately because she had a doctor's appointment. Poor little girl has a fever, both ears infected and a sore throat. So, she is now on antibiotics (which she doesn't like to take at all!). Both she and Cara looked like they needed a long rest.....Lydia has been up during the past two nights with pain in her ears...and I mean all night long!!

No work done on Lydia's CHRISTmas stocking due to the migraine over the weekend....there is no way I could have seen those tiny stitches...so hopefully this week some progress will be made.

My piano instruction books were to have arrived yesterday, and they did not. I am hoping for today. I've been fooling around with this, and if I am going to learn I want to learn in the proper way. I have a goal...by CHRISTmas I want to be able to play "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach...now that is a goal!! I have some Chopin pieces that are also my favorites. Talk about jumping ahead of myself......

So, that's all for today.....



hakucho said...

You know...drinking water actually makes sense! My headaches have been worse lately too and I am not drinking as much as I was this summer because it was so hot, and lately it's been very cool. I'm going to try to drink more. Thanks Toni :)

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth,

I'm so sorry that Lydia and Cara are not well added to your full weekend of not functioning means that things can only get better! I'm praying that they do... soon!

And the piano books too! That's some goal! Not any simple carol like Silent Night... ohhh no BIG TIME pieces of classics... whoaa!
I'm impressed!

I'm so bad about drinking water!
Today I paid double for my bottle
just by going to the store. It better taste better or I'd better notice a difference. Certainly my dogs don't need water twice as nice. It's my fault for not getting it from my water truck, so live & learn or get burned... at least I keep a bottle in the fridge now cold... hardly touched for over a week (that shows you how waterless I am)!

Hope that fresh water helps you and I know His Living Water will & does! Thanks for the READ & CONSIDER yesterday! Maybe your note of DRINK WATER will remind you of the water that gives LIFE! So take a deep DRINK & THINK of Him!


Deborah Ann said...

Hi, saw your blogger name on another blog, and was immediately drawn in. Probably because I love the name 'Sailor.'

Too bad I'm done with the making babies part of my life, that would have been a good name for a boy or a girl! Oh well, maybe someday I'll get a pet and then the name Sailor will live on, at least for a while...


Tea said...

Oh cool, I'm so glad to hear you're drinkin' more water. It will work wonders, promise. I learned that the hard way myself. A homeschool friend mentioned it to me once when I told her I'd had bronchitis for weeks. I went straight home and baptized my stomach with water and was so much better by the next day. Then after awhile I noticed my headaches had disappeared, too. Ain't the Lord good to send us help like that!
Hope your daughter and Lydia are much better now!