Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching Up.....Blessing Upon Blessing

Friday: A wonderful beginning and stressful end to the week....started with a migraine driving on my way home from work--couldn't see properly out of my right eye (the aura that starts the whole thing). Came home--took some medicine--went to bed praying that the pain would not become intense and last for the entire weekend. Stayed in bed all Friday evening....the pain did come, but at least my vision cleared.

Saturday: Residuals left from the headache--a dull ache in my head and some nausea. Still carried on with my plans and went to breakfast with a friend. We went to the Soda Jerk in Hummelstown and wandered around a few shops. The headache intensified--we were both tired--came home and took a nap. Awoke with the headache.

Sunday morning: The headache was still there--praying that this will go away--I have a meeting to attend. This headache actually woke me up at 3 a.m. Took some more medication and back to sleep--slept through church and the meeting!! Woke up--still some residual--dull, throbbing type pain behind my right eye....

Sunday afternoon: Finally woke up again....Andrew is home from his camping trip....finally feeling more like myself. Read a little bit, made cinnamon rolls (recipe from Pam),
then back to bed until this morning.......

And so the week begins--not much accomplished this entire weekend, but at least the headache is gone....just in time for me to return to work!!

Moving on with "One Thousand Gifts":

#7: Wearing a red tee-shirt, I stepped outside and sat in a deck chair. I closed my eyes and raised my face to the sun. I felt and heard a "whirring" noise next to my right ear. Upon opening my eyes, I saw a tiny hummingbird--wings moving so rapidly to create the "whirring". I have never before seen a hummingbird near my home. I suppose the red tee-shirt had this little one thinking I was a feeder. Now, I'm going to start my own CHRISTmas list--'hummingbird feeder'.

#8: Wind chimes blowing softly in the breeze--a melody that is written by God just for me to hear.

#9: 'Popeye eggs' for dinner which took me right back to good memories of my children when they were young. The next day at work, someone mentioned what they had made for their evening meal the night before. I said that I made 'Popeye eggs'....and my youngest, Lindsay (who works with me), said: "And did they make you think of me?"....and yes, they did....

#10: Rain

#11: Ducks quacking on the creek as they and I awaken.

#12: Cool evenings of sleeping with the windows open and blankets to snuggle under.


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Karen said...

Glad your migraine has stopped...

Hummingbirds are so very neat...I have never had one up close and personal like that, though...what a treat!

Tea said...

It's nice to see you bloggin' again!!
Hey, I used to have those headaches complete with aura. It was terrible! Mine stopped when I started drinking more water-go figure!
Have a great week!

hakucho said...

Glad your migraine finally went away! I have great sympathy for you as I am a migraine sufferer (my mom too)too. She used to always say when you have a really bad one you just have to wait until it wears away. Even with the drugs they have today, some of the headaches are just stubborn and take a while to get rid of completely. Sure hope it doesn't come back!

Peggy said...

Bless you Beth...

I'm so thankful I no longer have MIGRAINES but ohhhh, how I remember having to be in the dark, but no more.

I know caffeine is out and water is IN! So drink away but not after 6pm.

Love your gratitude list almost all of nature... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I love it when I see hummingbirds in my flowers outside... so tiny.
I'm so glad God sent you one to delight your time and put on your Christmas list!!!

I love wind chimes too!

Rain... I have seen so much daily or early morning lately... God must be crying His heart out. And the thunder... whoaaa.

Ducks... the ones here seem mud splashed, I miss the loons from back home.

Cool evenings...yeah, right???

I'm so glad that popeye eggs make you think of good memories and Lindsay also, but what are they?
Just eggs sunny side up? Popeye ate spinach. Nonetheless, they stir a good feeling for both you & Lindsay and that's enough for me to join you in THANKS!

Thank You Lord, for Beth, Lindsay,
Cara & Ryan & Lydia, Andrew & all the mascots, new & old; in nature & in your homes, may God's LOVE move over everyone of you & bring favor & blessings!

Love & peace,

Denise said...

Praying for you.