Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Awesome Day!!

First, I have to tell you!! I increased the amount of water I drank this past week....and this is the first weekend I've been migraine free in quite a long time!! I felt a little twinge of one coming on yesterday afternoon--stopped at the store and bought a 33 oz. bottle of water...and presto!! Headache gone!!

So, needless to say, I'm going to keep this in up in hopes that this is the cure for the migraine problem!!

I had planned on spending the day yesterday working on Lydia's CHRISTmas stocking. On Friday, Lindsay asked me if I would like to have lunch with her.....and then take her to her hair appointment. It's been some time since I've had one on one with her, so I decided to grab the offer while it was still standing.

We went to "Dukes" in Wormleysburg. I haven't been there is quite a while, so this was a real treat. Lindsay had the Tuscan Turkey Sandwich, and I had the Assateague Chicken Breast Sandwich. My sandwich was a chicken breast with crab meat on the top, lettuce, tomato on a hard roll--Awesome!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we sat outside on the deck and took some photos.

This is the Walnut Street Bridge which spans the Susquehanna River from the East Shore (Harrisburg) to this portion of the West Shore (Wormleysburg).

If you look closely, you can see that it is divided into two sections......

This is the portion of the bridge remaining standing from the Harrisburg side....

This bridge was originally built in 1890 and was used for traffic to cross from Harrisburg--or as people here call it--"The East Shore"--to "The West Shore" of the Susquehanna River.

Due to damage from Hurricaine Agnes in 1970, the bridge was closed to car traffic and limited solely to pedestrian traffic. At night, the entire bridge is lined in white lights, and it is a spectacular sight when traveling on either side of the river.

In 1996--remember the Nor'easter in 1996? I'm sure most of the people living in this area do. We had 35-40 inches of snow (depending upon your location) dumped on us in a matter of 2-3 days. This was followed by another storm, then a rapid warming and rain.

Because of this rapid warming and the rainfall, the river rose and ice jams were present--floating down the river and knocking down whatever was in their path. Unfortunately, an ice floe (combined with the high waters) knocked this bridge off its foundations, and it collapsed.

The cost to repair the bridge entirely is considered to be too high--12-15 million dollars. So, the eastern side has been repaired at the cost of $5,000,000 and is once again open to pedestrian traffic--but not the entire way across the river--only to City Island where the Harrisburg Senator baseball team plays. A lot of people park their cars on City Island during the day and walk into Harrisburg to work.

And just some random shots I took while waiting for Lindsay's hair to be completed!!

A beautiful, wonderful day!!



hakucho said...

Glad you are headache free!! Yay :)

Your sandwich sounds divine, yum!!

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth...

Christmas countdown... ohhh I guess you have to when you're trying to get projects done... but aren't ya' rushing the season of snow...???

Praise God! You found a CURE!!
Water...and it helped...must be LIVING WATER! He loves you so much and wants you to live headache free and stress free. Think I need to email your workplace and give them a heads up on being a stress free environment instead of filled with more & more stress. BUT today is a new day! This is a new week: a Philippians 3:13-14 week... PRESSING ON...

LOVE, love, love your river shots & I think Harrisburg, in the background towering some trees... they remind me of home. I don't like "crossing bridges" just like "climbing mountains"... I bet there's something spiritually significant in this! But this black iron rail bridge reminds me of the Stillwater Bridge that crosses to Wisconsin. However, is that blue bridge the new expensive one...with no guardrails??? Is that the one that has lights at night or the older one? (it's the old one)
Is this far from your town? Or just like driving into town from a suburb of Harrisburg?
Awwww...too many questions, I'll just have to come and visit!(lol)

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time & lunch with Lindsay! Did she like her haircut?

I can't even imagine putting crabmeat on top of a Chicken breast sandwich. I think I'd like some turkey meat... not available really here... now I miss all our lunch meats. I even miss bologna & salami.

Thanks for the beautiful sunny day & a view of your area!!! Thank You Lord for blessing time with her daughter, this day, and this food!
Thank You Jesus for Living Water & healing migraines so Beth could enjoy a very busy weekend with some time away... ohhh and I saw new ladybug mittens added to projects for cute, can't wait to see them!!! So does this mean that your camera is working or you found some batteries?

Love & peace for the whole week,
by the way, thanks for GMG before your blog and I'm not visiting blogs right now, so this was a special visit cuz I missed the photos!!!I have a different focus!

Tea said...

Wow, I'm so glad you were headache free! The Lord is Mighty be praised!
Oh, I love the pictures of the bridge and water, just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

pam said...

YAY for being headache free. I should ask some of my friends who suffer with those so much if they've ever heard that....drinking water is so much nicer than pumping your body full of drugs. Your lunch sounded wonderful. Interesting that there is only half a bridge...