Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I think we have a problem here!

Yes, Miles has found the Christmas tree!! It took him a few days to get over his actual fear of the tree--standing back, looking at this and I think wondering why we now have a tree in the house.

But, as you can see his fears are now completely gone!! He has decided that this tree is his to climb, take a rest in and even try munching on a few of the branches!! And he doesn't just climb the tree--he stands back and jumps into it--shaking the entire tree. I'm surprised the entire thing hasn't fallen over yet. I know that my tree won't be up as long as usual this year.

What am I going to do with this kitty??

In answer to the questions to Firefly's Hot Pepper Jelly recipe--it is easy to make. If you can boil water, you can do this!! As for the taste--I've always found it hard to describe tastes--but this is a little sweet and tangy at the same time. Not too tangy--I don't care for things that leave an "afterburn" in my mouth!! We used red hot cherry peppers, but you could use jalapeno or I imagine any type of pepper that you would like. Lindsay did the chopping of the peppers, and we thought maybe it would be too hot because she told me that her "lungs were tingling" as she was chopping. But, it turned out just the way I like it. It really is delicious with cream cheese and crackers.

Lindsay is flying home tomorrow, and I more than likely won't see her again until the springtime or perhaps even the summer. As always, this time while she is home flies by so quickly. I always miss her more after a visit until I get back into the mode of her not being here again.

She won't always be in Texas, but I know that she will not be returning to live permanently in Pennsylvania. She and Tyler are now talking of moving to the Boston area after he finishes his last degree which should be sometime this coming year.

Oh, and a big congratulations to Tyler!! He is finishing his Doctorate's degree in cognitive psychology, and he is having his first paper based on his research and experiments published this Spring!!

No, I don't understand all that he is doing or even sometimes saying, but he is a wonderful young man who encourages my daughter. I am thankful that she has him in her life. He has given her opportunities to further her education that I could not possibly begin to do. He loves her, supports her and has helped her overcome a lot of insecurities that stemmed from our own family life while she was young.

And speaking of congratulations--a huge one to Lindsay, too! She achieved a 3.9 average last semester while working full time! This daughter of mine amazes me!! She is not letting our past hold her back but moving forward in her life.

I'm off work tomorrow, but Andrew will be taking Lindsay and Tyler to the airport. I don't like good-byes, so we'll say them here and not at the airport.

Tomorrow, I really need to rearrange some things on my blog--I see I still have my Christmas projects listed--and then the reorganization of my yarn! That will be a BIG job, but one I actually am looking forward to.

Make sure to stop by for your Weekly Memory Verse. I've almost got this week's imprinted into my brain! Do you think I should include a Mr. Linky for those who want to participate?

K--that's all for a while!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

My Day With Lindsay

I said I'd be back to today, and so I am!!

Yesterday I spent with my daughter--my youngest daughte
r, Lindsay, who is here for the holidays from Texas. She is so busy when she is visiting--going to see friends and other family members that we had to just sit down and pick a day that was "ours".

What did we do yesterday?

I awoke early (as usual!) and went to church, and s
he slept in--a much needed sleep for her. When I came home, she was ready to go, and we went out to breakfast which took us about 2 hours!! Not that the service was that bad, it just took us that long to eat, talk and catch up with each other. There were laughter and tears involved, and neither of us cared one bit that we were sitting in public with tears rolling down our cheeks.

Then, we went to the store and bought some supplies to make Hot Pepper Jelly. I don't know if you've ever had this before, but it is delicious with cream cheese and crackers. Lindsay brought some home with her from Texas last year, and we loved it.

Firefly had mentioned a recipe for this, and she was kind enough to post this on her blog. So, we had to try this yesterday.

It was simple to make, and last evening we just had to try some. Yummy!!! I'll be making some more of this next year for Christmas presents, I'm sure.

Of course, this wouldn't be complete without a picture of the finished project:

Thanks for sharing your recipe, Firefly!! It is a success!!

Then we made ham and bean soup from the left over ham from Christmas dinner to have for this evening. We spent a good amount of time in the kitchen yesterday afternoon, but we talked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves while we worked together.

Lindsay works in a restaurant in Texas while she is attending school. She has to carry hot plates from the kitchen to tables, and I had made her a round hot pad to use. Apparently, there are some people at her work who like these a lot.

So, I sat down and crocheted a few more for her to take back to her co-workers:

All I can say is that we had a wonderful time--not doing anything spectacular--just spending time together. This was a wonderful day, and we both needed this time with each other.

I'm starting something new at "The Power of Your Love" today--something I've been telling myself that I need to do for quite some time.

Stop by--maybe you'd like to join me in my quest!!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where Am I?

I'll be posting at "The Power of Your Love" today. Tomorrow I'll be back to share some of what's been happening in my life, time spent today with my daughter.

Please stop by and visit me right next door!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas Day!! Lindsay finally arrived from Texas on Wednesday morning. Her flight was supposed to land in Baltimore at 9:20 on Tuesday evening. Due to two delays in Texas and then icy roads from Baltimore to here, the three kids arrived back here around 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the tree was finally put up and decorated.

I think it looks pretty good considering how quickly we did this!! Now that I look at the picture, it is leaning a little bit, but I really don't care! It still looks beautiful to me!

We went to church on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m., and this wa
s an inspiring service regarding "The Gift of Hope". I try to show my children this gift on a daily basis, and my prayer for them is that they will come to Christ, receive and accept His wonderful gift to us.

The kids loved their gifts, and LIndsay particularly feel in love with her market bags telling me how everyone she knows is going to want these. She is taking them to her boyfriends' mother's home this evening to show her, too!!

Andrew and Cara's hats both fit on their heads (breath a sigh of relief!). Andrew gifted me a huge plastic bin with a lid to store my yarn in so that Miles cannot get into this anymore and have himself a blast!! I told him that maybe I would need to go back to buy another one.

That will be my project for this coming weekend--reorg
anizing my yarn and storing it away in this bin.

Miles has been good with the tree, surprisingly! This is his first Christmas, and I think he is somewhat afraid of the tree. He just stands and looks at it from afar. Let's hope he stays that way!!

And speaking of cats, my other kitty Scout is tired of Miles being in the spotlight all of the time. She is really very difficult to get a good picture of, but we were finally able to manage. So, here she is sitting next to an opened Christmas present. I'm sure she's thinking about squeezing herself into that box!!

The ideas are already floating in my mind for next year's Christmas crafts--more than likely some of the ones that I didn't finish this year. This year I'm going to be starting Christmas in January--not waiting until October-November like I did this year.

So, keep a watch!! I'll be posting next year's Christmas presents throughout the coming year. I see by the countdown banner I have 364 days!! That ought to give me enough time to finish some projects!!

Also, this year I'm going to be making some socks for myself. I have a lot of beautiful sock yarn just sitting here, and this is going to be put into use this year also.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Christmas Day!! Let's carry this spirit of Christmas with us every day as we enter into this new year!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What I Love About the Letter "S" and more!!

I was visiting Denise, and she is playing a game with letters. It's fairly simple--all you have to do is list 10 of your favorite things. But, there is a little stipulation to this game--you have to be assigned a letter by the blogger you are playing with. So, Denise has assigned me the letter "S".

Here are my 10 favorite things that begin with the letter "S" in no particular order:

  • Jesus-- the SON of God
  • Andrew--my SON
  • SUNSETS--particularly at the beach
  • SNOW--when I can stay inside and just admire the pristine beauty of this and not have to shovel it!
  • SAND--squishing between my toes as I'm walking along the beach on the water's edge.
  • STARS--I love standing and looking at the sky on a clear evening and seeing all the stars--reminds me of God's awesome power.
  • SHORTYBEAR'S PLACE--where I can drop by and visit at any time and feel encouraged, inspired and uplifted.
  • SCOUT--my kitty who DOES NOT destroy yarn!! (Yes, I love Miles, too!!)
  • SCRIPTURE--God's Word to us and how He speaks to me through His Word.
  • I know a lot of people whose last name begins with the letter "S". These are all awesome people--you know who you are--and you are some of my favorite things, too!!
There are 10 of my favorite things that begin with with the letter "S". If you'd like to play along, let me know, and I'll give you a letter!!

Now, I have a couple of pictures that I'd like to share. Monday was my friend Linda's 60th birthday, and we had a little party for her at work.

Here she is in her birthday tiara!!

Her birthday wouldn't be complete without some presents representing her favorite football team!! Here she is wearing the poodle cuffs I made her in the Steelers' Black and Gold!!

And we should not forget one of her very favorite presents on this special day!! A miniature Steeler football helmet signed by Rocky Bleiler!!


Oh, I've really got to go--I have one more CHRISTmas present to finish!! Yes, I know it's CHRISTmas Eve, but I'll finish this one last gift!


Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday my oldest daughter, Cara, and I took a very special trip. This trip only took about 1/2 hour in time, but this was an important occasion.

This was the official meeting of my first "grandchild". No, he's
really not my grandchild, but I've known the mother of this baby since she was three years old. We used to live next door to her, and she and both of my daughters became instant friends and have remained so some 20 years later.

His "true" grandmother passed away this summer. So, I have been adopted as "Grandma".

And here is his introduction to the world:




Pretty cute, my first "grandchild"--don't you think?

Tomorrow night is my Small Group CHRISTmas party, so I have some food to prepare today for this, as well as finishing my friend Linda's birthday present for tomorrow. Busy day!!

I'll have some pictures to share of both of these festivities on Tuesday.

In the meantime, if you would--stop over at "The Power of Your Love" and welcome a very special child to our world!! This child is a King, and He can't wait to make your acquaintance!!

Have a wonderful day!!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Five days--I still haven't gotten my tree!! Hopefully, this weekend--Monday by the latest. There is no need to get this early. It won't be decorated until Lindsay comes home from Texas on Tuesday.

Five days--I still have some things to finish here!! But, I am to the point of "what is finished is finished and what isn't finished isn't!"

Completed are Cara's scarf and hat, Lindsay's two market bags, and Andrew's hat. Some gifts have already been completed, sent and received. Some are still working their way through the postal system. Andrew will also be receiving the gift of a donation made in his name towards the digging of a well in West Africa.

These are my children's gifts, and they will be ecstatic!! Do you know why they will be ecstatic? Because last year and the year before that, I had nothing for them--absolutely nothing.

But, they were still happy even without a single present from me. And why were they happy?

Because we were together--my children and I--enjoying each other's company--laughing, telling stories of some past CHRISTmases that weren't so happy. And yes, we can look back and even laugh about some of these incidents now!

Each one of my children have had a difficult childhood, and yet I look at them today and I am amazed--amazed that they have love and compassion in their hearts for others. Even through all the difficulties, they have grown and learned to love.

They were happy because all of the bills were paid--remembering the years when this had not been the case--years of sadness, anger, frustration, constant arguments, and even violence. They were happy because of the peace prevailing in our household now. Peace--what greater gift could I even give them?

I know!!! There is a greater gift--if only they would accept it!! All in God's timing--patience, Beth, patience!!

Do you know the greater gift? Oh, please--stop by here and read about it. It is the greatest gift of all!!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Recipe Bazaar

This week at the Internet Cafe we are sharing recipes. This is a cheese ball recipe that I've made for several group gatherings, and I never have any to bring home!!

I actually found this recipe in a newsletter that was lying on the lunch table in our kitchen at my work. I had somewhere to go the next evening and needed something quick and easy to take along with me, so I decided to try this. And it was a big hit!!

I'll be making one of these for the kids and their friends for our after CHRISTmas Eve Service get together.

It's quick to make--only about 5 minutes--needs to chill about 2 hours though!! And not only that, but I made it with low fat cream cheese, so it's good for you, too!!

Here's the recipe:


  • 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened (I use the low fat kind--no problem, there!)
  • 1 cup minced celery
  • 1/2 cup chopped red pepper
  • 1 teaspoon minced onion
  • 1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts (The original recipe called for pecans, but I had none--so I used walnuts--still tasted delicious!)


  1. In a medium mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, celery, red pepper, onion, and crushed pineapple. Divide the mixture in half and form two balls out of the mixture. Roll each ball in the walnuts. Chill until ready to serve.
Look at that!! One step--how simple can this be!!!

I usually serve this with a variety of crackers, but I've found that the buttery kind go with this the best!!



Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thankful  Truth 4 the Journey

I'm joining Sonya at Truth 4 The Journey for "Thankful Thursday". Be sure and visit her and all the participants--maybe you'd like to join us!! I'm sure we can all think of 5 things that we are thankful for!!

And here are my five thankfuls for this week:

  • I am thankful for my present from my son--4 new tires and inspection for my car for another year!! I am so thankful to him for this. I've been needing tires--he knows this. He didn't wait for me to say anything to him about this--he saw the need and acted upon it!! He went to pick my car up after the repairs had been done from the accident it was involved in. He was taking so long to come home, and the roads were bad again!! I called him to make sure that everything was alright. He said, "I'll be home soon--I'm fine." And he came home with 4 new tires and the inspection done for the year.
  • I am thankful that my youngest daughter, Lindsay, will be coming home from Texas on Tuesday and able to spend CHRISTmas with us. This would not be possible financial wise except for the goodness of another who is paying her airfare.
  • I am thankful that this same daughter, who had a health scare and finally talked to me about it after spending three weeks worrying over this, has gone to the doctor and is being treated with good results. All of her worrying over the dreaded diseases that she was looking up on the Internet, and this has been diagnosed as a rather simple thing that can be treated with antibiotics.
  • I am thankful that God has surrounded me with friends--my spiritual family--to encourage me and uplift me during what has been a difficult time for me.
  • I am thankful that God has purpose in my life. He has plans for me, is making them known to me, and I will willingly follow through with what He has directed me to do.
  • And last (I know this is more than 5, but I have a lot to be thankful for this week!) but certainly not least, I am thankful that God sent Jesus to earth so that we could see and have an example of how we are to live and conduct our own lives. When I think of this, God sending Jesus to us--knowing how He would be tortured and sacrificed for us--God's love for us seems overwhelming to me, and it is!!
I am very thankful this week, and despite all the commercialism of Christmas, I'm keeping my focus on Jesus--the love HE wants us to show and share with others. As I'm growing deeper and deeper in love with HIM, I'm realizing all that HE has done for me--even when I was far from HIM. I want to share this love with others, not only for this special season, but always.


Friday, December 12, 2008


Oh, first I have a couple of things I have to attend to before I announce the winner!!

For those that have asked about the snow falling--just visit here, and it is very simple to add snow falling to your blog. So, I'll be expecting
to see snow fall around me very soon!!

And, I just have to share these picture of Miles.
He is so cute when he is being good:

Here he is lying on a shelf that my son made. Of course, he cleared off everything that was on this shelf before he decided to perch himself there.

And here he is, just getting ready to take a nap, I think. He is really yawning, but in reality, I think he's laughing at me taking his picture!! He's thinking--"Just wait until she goes to bed, then I'll see what I can get in to. She thinks I'm so cute!! I'll show her just how cute I can be!!"

What?? Oh, the winner of the little angel. I almost forgot!! Okay--here we go!

There were 35 wonderful comments with beautifu
l Christmas songs. I love each and every song that you do!!

So, instead of using a random generator, I decided to do things the old-fashioned way because I'm just that kind of girl!!

First, I had to decide what to use for the container for the drawing. I finally decided on this Christmas mug:

Then, all the names were written on small pieces of paper, folded and placed into the mug:

And, finally, I had my son draw a name from the mug to choose the winner:

I know I took a picture of him holding the name of the winner because we both looked at it!! But, for some reason, this picture is not on my camera this morning!!



and here is Cherie's comment:

Definitely O Holy Night. Every time I hear that song it just takes my breath away. It truly inspires me to worship Christ!

Me too, Cherie, me too!!

A big congratulations to Cherie!! I really wish I could make all of those who entered an angel. If you really wish you had a little angel, just let me know. I'm in the spirit of CHRISTmas here, a giving spirit, and I'd be more than glad to make you an angel. Just let me know, and she'll be on her way to you--a CHRISTmas present from me to you!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I'm joining Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey for Thankful Thursday. Please stop by and visit Sonya--check out her blog and everyone else who is participating!! Maybe you'd like to join us!! I'm sure we can all think of 5 things we are thankful for--big or small!!

So, here we go with my 5 thankfuls for this week:

  • I am thankful that even though my son had a car accident on Saturday night in the ice and was thought to be injured, he was not. I am also thankful that the damages to the car were not too major and can be repaired easily.
  • :I am thankful that my daughters' best friend since they were very young delivered her baby safely--a healthy 8 pound 3 ounce baby boy--despite a scare at the end of her labor and an emergency C-section.
  • I am thankful that I have a job with good benefits. I work in a physicians' office, and every day I see more and more people coming in who have lost their job or their health benefits. There are many days when my job seems almost overwhelming to me and can be very stressful, but I am thankful that I have this place to go to every day.
  • I am thankful that I finally saw the albino squirrel that frequents my apartment complex. Hopefully, the next time I see him, I'll have my camera with me. He is a rare sight and actually rather beautiful--all fluffy and a huge white tail!
  • I am thankful that even though I wasn't able to attend a gathering at my church last night due to illness that people cared enough to call and ask where I was and what could they do for me. This reaching out meant so much to me when I wasn't feeling well--just knowing that I am loved and cared for by others.
Oh, I could go on, but I have to go and draw the winner for my angel. I'll announce that tomorrow!! Hope to see you at Sonya's!!

I also have some blog blessings to share--probably tomorrow or Saturday at the latest!! Stop by because I have some blessings to pass on to you!!



Today is your last chance to enter the drawing for the Holiday Expo at the Internet Cafe. I'll be randomly drawing a winner this evening and announcing that winner tomorrow!!

So, if you'd like a chance to win my little angel, please visit here!!

I'll be back later for 'Thankful Thursday"!!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hmmmm....and I Thought They Liked Them!!


These are the chocolate gold coins I received in my CHRISTmas stocking each and every year since I was a child.

When I had children myself, I thought to continue this tradition, and so I did. Every year a netful of chocolate gold coins were placed into each of my childrens' stockings. They never said much about this, but I continued in MY tradition.

One year, I was in a tizzy!! I couldn't find them anywhere!! I looked and I looked at every store I went to that year!! Still couldn't find them. What was I going to do? CHRISTmas with no gold coins in the stockings? The tradition not continued? OH, NO!!

CHRISTmas morning came. As always, the kids headed to their stockings first--another tradition set in place from long ago!! They gleefully pulled out their chapsticks, their small little trinkets that changed as they grew older from small toys to nail polish, nail files and yes, my son still does receive a Matchbox car every year!!

But, no gold coins that year!! I apologized to them--telling them that I was so sorry, but I couldn't find any gold coins that year. All 3 of them looked from one to the other, and finally--delegating this to the oldest--the statement was said, "Well, we never really liked them anyway!"

WHAT?? All my searching for these and "they never really liked them"!!!

I got a good laugh out of this--my continuing MY tradition for them when they didn't consider it a tradition at all!!

You know what? I've found those gold coins every year since then. And each of them find a little netful of these every year in their stocking since.

Now, the tradition is when they find them--we all laugh!!

If you're still looking for that perfect gift for the person that has everything or is very hard to buy for--stop over here--I have the perfect gift for you to share!!

Have a wonderful day!!


Monday, December 8, 2008


Kristen at {dancing} in the margins is hosting a book giveaway for the next 12 days. It's easy to enter--just visit her by clicking on the button above and answer the question she has posted.

I love to read, and I know I'll be visiting her for the next 12 days!!

And to top off everything else, we're having a really big party!! For an invitation, please stop by here!!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Funny Christmas Remembrance

This happened several years ago--the first Christmas my daughters and I were spending in this apartment.

We were going to buy our Christmas tree. This would be the very first year that we had done this on our own, and we were prepared--at least we thought we were prepared!

I found the tree stand and measured the opening where the tree trunk would be placed. We had had problems with this in the past--bringing the tree home only to find that the trunk would not fit into the stand. I even took the tape measure with me so I could measure the circumference of the tree trunk before we bought it.

Off we go, happy as could be!! We found the perfect tree!! I measured the tree trunk--too big for our stand. "No problem", I say to the girls. "We'll just have this nice man saw some of it off for us." He was a very nice man and willingly obliged my request. I measured again--perfect!! This was going to work!! We could do this on our own!! YEAH for us!!

Then this very nice man is going to put the tree into my car for me. I mean, how helpful could he be? I folded down the back seat of my car--plenty of room in the trunk!! He loads the tree into the car with the top of the tree facing the back of the front seat and the trunk of the tree toward the back of the car. Can you picture it?

Back into the car--this is so easy I can't believe it!! I'm driving, Cara is in the front passenger seat and Lindsay--poor Lindsay is crammed into the back sitting amongst the tree branches. The very nice man at the tree place didn't tie the tree branches together--this was a wide open, full out tree crammed into my car, and Lindsay was sitting amongst the branches. Well, home wasn't too far away, and she would survive. This tree was going home no matter what!!

Off we go, listening to Christmas music. Suddenly, a song came on that we had never heard before, and we just started laughing our heads off at this song!! We just couldn't believe what we were hearing!!

We make it to our apartment complex parking lot--it is dark and we are still laughing over this song!! Lindsay climbs her way out from the tree branches, we open the trunk of the car.

There is the tree trunk!! All we need to do is pull this tree trunk out and carry the tree in!! A cinch--a piece of cake--or so we thought.

Unfortunately, with the tree having all of its branches wide open in the trunk of car, no matter how hard we pulled that tree trunk we could not get it out of the trunk. Meanwhile, we are still laughing over the song we had heard, and Cara--she is singing the song and making donkey noises in the parking lot!!

Finally, Lindsay gets into the back of the car--amongst all the tree branches again!! Cara and I are outside pulling on the trunk of the tree--and, of course, Cara is still singing and making donkey noises. The three of us were laughing so hard by this time. What are we going to do? We can't get the tree out of the car!!

Lindsay is in the back of the car yelling, "You two pull and I'll push. We're going to get this tree out of here!!" We're pulling, she is pushing, Cara is still singing and making donkey noises, and all 3 of us are still laughing ourselves silly!

After all the pulling and pushing, the tree finally started to move--slightly. Lindsay tells Cara, "You gather all the tree branches in your arms--hold them tight together!! Then, we'll try again!! I'll push, Mommy--you pull, and Cara-- don't let go of those branches!!"

Clearly, by this time, she is the engineer of this operation. Well, this worked. After much time, effort and laughing--all the while singing this silly song and Cara making donkey noises--the tree was removed from the car and brought into the apartment.

Question--Do you think the tree fit into the tree stand after my careful measuring? That is a story for another day.

In the meantime, enjoy this silly video that I found of the song that we had heard for the very first time and added some humor into what could have been a very frustrating situation. And a big thanks to Cara for the donkey noises in the parking lot!! I'm sure our neighbors were wondering just who had moved in upstairs!!

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to laugh!! It's good for you!!

To enjoy "Then Sings My Soul Saturday", please visit me here.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I'm joining Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey for "Thankful Thursday". I've been keeping a "Gratitude Journal". I just started this recently, and I'm going to share my 5 recent entries with you. If you want to read more about having a "Gratitude Journal" of your own, you can read about it here.

Now, on to my "thankfuls" for this week:

  • I am thankful for my journal, itself. My daughter sent it to me from Texas for my birthday, saying that she didn't know if I would write in it or not. Shortly after I received this from her, I read about the "Gratitude Journal'. So, I am thankful for God speaking to my daughter's heart even though she doesn't realize it. My prayer for that evening was thankfulness for my daughter, her thoughtfulness, and God reaching towards her to speak to her. May she one day come to know and love Him!
  • I am thankful for my friends--my spiritual family, my friend that I see almost every day and also all of you in the blogging world--my friends that I visit, laugh and cry with them--people that though I may never meet on this earth I feel I know very well. There are a special few of you (you know who you are!) that I have become closer to, and I so thankful that I am able to establish relationships with others because there was a time when I was not able to do this. My prayer for this evening: Thankfulness for God waiting patiently for me until the time was just right, then reaching out and grabbing me, never letting go, and transforming me into the person I am today. And then He surrounded me with people to uplift and encourage me onward in my journey.
  • I am thankful for music--how God speaks to me through music. I've always loved music, and God has used this love of mine to reach in and dig my roots deeper in Him. Thank you for the artistry of music, talented people who can speak Your Word to me in ways that I easily understand, feel in my heart and spirit.
  • I am thankful for my son. Knowing how busy I am this time of year making Christmas presents, he has picked up my slacking off of household duties--dishes, laundry, grocery shopping. He has been very helpful to me these past weeks, and I have told him how much this means to me. Thank you, God, for my son--not only for his helping me, but the softening of his heart that I'm seeing every day in him--You working in Him to bring him closer to You.
  • I am thankful for the spectacular site I saw in the sky on my way home earlier this week. The moon, Jupiter and Venus lined up in a triangle. I was awestruck by the beauty of this. I tried to take a picture of this, unsuccessfully. My son even drove to a darker area trying to take a picture for me--trees in the way. He continued to drive and found a perfect spot, but the clouds had covered over the display. Thankful for God's control of the universe, giving us beauty around us and spectacular displays of His creation--and also again for my son for his efforts in trying to capture this for me.
Someone else was able to take a picture of this though. I found this picture this morning:

Be sure and visit Sonya for more "Thankful Thursdays"!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Expo at the Internet Cafe

We're in the spirit of giving at the Holiday Expo at the Internet Cafe!! If you'd like to participate, just click on the button above and join in!! It's sure to be a lot of fun!!

For my holiday gift, I've made a little something
, and she is little--just 3 inches high!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love music!! So, if you would like a chance to have my littlest angel in your home--just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite Christmas song is and why.

The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, December 11. I will ship her to you--regardless of where you live!! A present from me to you for this very special holiday season.

Please either link to the cafe or leave me your e-mail address so I know where to reach you when you win!!

One entry per person, please!! Have fun!!


The Worst Christmas Ever!!

I'm taking a little break from putting the finishing touch on my Christmas giveaway for tomorrow for the Holiday Expo at the Internet Cafe.

While I was working on this, I was thinking about the "worst Christmas ever". I just can't help myself--I have to share this you.

A little background--my sister was actually my step-sister. We were 5 months apart in age and met each other at the age of 11 when her father started dating my mother. We were instant friends and grew to love each very much. There was no "step" about us--we were sisters and best friends.

She was a wonderful person, and I could talk her into anything. Her very favorite line to me was: "You are going to get us SOOOOOO in trouble!" Before I go any further here, I need to tell you that she had nothing to do with the fireworks going off in the high school auditorium--that was totally me and my "so-called" friends--she was innocent in that one!!

But, one Christmas, my mother, knowing how sneaky we (or just me) were, decided to fool us. She would go shopping and bring things home in bags, wrap them immediately and then store them under her bed. This way she thought there was no way we could look at our Christmas presents before Christmas morning.

But, my devious (at that time) mind was working!! When we came home from school, no one else was there!! Why not take the presents out from under the bed, just unwrap them a little to peek inside and then fix them back to their original state?? Oh, an excellent plan on my part!!

Oh, but my sister didn't want to go along with this!! " We're going to get in trouble, we're going to get found out, we're going to be punished for sure for this one!! Why do you always want to get us in trouble??"

I didn't want to get us in trouble. I just wanted to see what we were getting for Christmas--early!! I knew once I started doing this and seeing all the surprises that she would just fall in line right behind me--just like she always did!! And it worked!! We slightly opened and looked at each and every one of our Christmas presents that were hidden under that bed!!

Christmas morning arrives!! We open all the presents that we had already seen. What a great disappointment to know exactly what was in each of those boxes!! It wasn't fun at all!!

What a minute!! Mom had taken us shopping, and we had tried on suede jackets so she knew exactly which one each of us wanted and what size to buy. Where were the suede jackets? Surely she knew how much we wanted these? We were greedy girls at the age of 13, and everyone we knew had a suede jacket!!

Where were those suede jackets?? Hmmmm.....all the presents opened and on to breakfast--then to my aunt's house, another aunt's house, home again and then to bed--no suede jackets. What a disappointment on top of knowing everything else before we even received it as a gift.

This was the worst Christmas ever!! I had ruined it all on my own!!

Fast forward to March of the next year--we were doing our Saturday housecleaning. Mom was cleaning out her closet (so she said). She walks out into the living room where much dusting and vacuuming was going on.

She says to my sister and I, "Look what I found hanging in the back of my closet!! I forgot I had gotten these for you girls for Christmas!!"

A suede jacket for each of us--not forgotten--they had been there since before Christmas. But, I'm thinking that my mom felt that we didn't deserve these after the unwrapping and rewrapping fiasco.

Just goes to show--you can't fool your mom--you may think you can, but it's just impossible.

K--that's all for a while!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

WOO HOO!! Another Market Bag Completed!!

I've been working on this second market bag since I came home from work today. So that's what? About 3 hours!! But, I was determined to finish this today so that I could move on!!

And here it is--Lindsay's second market bag:

I like the design of this bag--it actually has a rectangular bottom so that items can lay flat in it. A big thank you to Cathy Phillips of CAP's Crochet for designing both of the market bags that I've made.

Let's see........what should I make next? I know!! I think my son is feeling left out!! He has been seeing me make Christmas presents for the girls, and he did ask me a few days ago what I was making him. I asked him what he would like, and he really didn't know. I suggested a knit hat since he does deliveries on the weekend. It's been pretty cold out lately, and it's just going to get colder!! So, a hat it is for him!! He was agreeable to this and would like this made in black--a plain hat, he says.

That will be the next project on the needles!!

Just a reminder--I'll be posting my item for the Holiday Expo at Internet Cafe on Thursday morning. You can check out the details about this here. If you'd like to participate, be sure to link up with Mr. Linky on Thursday!!

My "Gratitude Journal" is going along well. I'll be posting what I've been thankful for also on Thursday with Sonya's Thankful Thursday!!

Whew!! Thursday is going to be a busy day!!

K--that's all for a while!! I have more knitting to do!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Missing the Mark

I was reading along on Peggy's Narnia series, and she was talking about the different definitions of sin--one of which was "missing the mark".

This immediately brought to my mind memories--good memories!! I am not very sports minded, and in gym class in school, the only sport that I was even close to accomplishing well was archery.

The word "sin" is an archery term from Anglo-Saxon times--literally meaning "missed the mark" (or the target), and the "sin of the arrow" is how far the arrow lands from the bulls-eye.

Now, I have to be careful about how I speak around my 3 nonbeliever children. The word "sin" would literally turn them off onto any more seeking of God. They are nonbelievers, but I can see and hear them seeking from time to time, asking questions--one step forward, two steps back.

As a for instance--my oldest daughter was peeling the potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner when she announced, "It's hotter than hell in here!" I told her that my kitchen was not even close to the heat in hell. What happened--she backed off from the subject and no more conversation regarding this.

So, I have decided that when I mess up on something, my response is going to be--"Wow, I sure missed the mark on that one!"; when they mess up on something--same thing--"Missed the mark there!"

I know that sin is sin, no matter what we call it. But, I don't want to turn them away any further than they already are. My goal is to bring them closer to God, accept His love and salvation for them.

What do you think?

K--that's all for a while!!


As an aside, Internet Cafe's Holiday Expo is hosting a Christmas giveaway!! I'll be posting my item that I'll be giving away on Thursday!! So, stay tuned--a little hint??? I made this item. Maybe I'll give you another few hints until Thursday when the actual picture is posted.