Saturday, December 20, 2008

Five days--I still haven't gotten my tree!! Hopefully, this weekend--Monday by the latest. There is no need to get this early. It won't be decorated until Lindsay comes home from Texas on Tuesday.

Five days--I still have some things to finish here!! But, I am to the point of "what is finished is finished and what isn't finished isn't!"

Completed are Cara's scarf and hat, Lindsay's two market bags, and Andrew's hat. Some gifts have already been completed, sent and received. Some are still working their way through the postal system. Andrew will also be receiving the gift of a donation made in his name towards the digging of a well in West Africa.

These are my children's gifts, and they will be ecstatic!! Do you know why they will be ecstatic? Because last year and the year before that, I had nothing for them--absolutely nothing.

But, they were still happy even without a single present from me. And why were they happy?

Because we were together--my children and I--enjoying each other's company--laughing, telling stories of some past CHRISTmases that weren't so happy. And yes, we can look back and even laugh about some of these incidents now!

Each one of my children have had a difficult childhood, and yet I look at them today and I am amazed--amazed that they have love and compassion in their hearts for others. Even through all the difficulties, they have grown and learned to love.

They were happy because all of the bills were paid--remembering the years when this had not been the case--years of sadness, anger, frustration, constant arguments, and even violence. They were happy because of the peace prevailing in our household now. Peace--what greater gift could I even give them?

I know!!! There is a greater gift--if only they would accept it!! All in God's timing--patience, Beth, patience!!

Do you know the greater gift? Oh, please--stop by here and read about it. It is the greatest gift of all!!



Debbie said...

I'm so glad to read that there is now peace in your home. What a wonderful Christmas gift, especially when that wasn't always the case. God has been so good to us, hasn't He? Although life is not easy, we can rest in Him. I say that because I know that and yet ...there are times I struggle with that in my flesh. What has helped me greatly is writing down my thankful list. My journals are filled with my thoughts, prayers and insights. But sometimes it's hard to look at them. But then I remember how far the Lord has taken me and how thankful I am.

Many blessings to you Beth and your family.

Knittin Kudzu said...


Your blessings are overflowing! May you and your children feel God's presence in a most tangible way this Christmas season and may His abundance and grace continue to shower you in 2009!

Merry Christmas, Sandy

Aunt Kathy said...

I know the tree you find will be the PERFECT tree. Let's hope it fits in your car this time without getting stuck, lol

Denise said...

Nothing better than family, and sweet, sweet peace my friend. I give you a letter to play that game dear one, here is your letter: S

Peggy said...

PEACE I leave with you my friend but not as the world gives you, Beth!

You delight my soul even after tearing through the sad, tough & hard times of your have
3 beautiful people that emerged (4)
as LOVING individuals when it could have been bitterness, resentment and more downward spiraling! Just continuing the vicious cycle but PRAISE & they(though they do not yet know it or proclaim it)
are victors and not victims in Christ Jesus!

I LOVE how you did this and led the reader to go to The Power of Your Love...and your wonderful message!
This was a highly inspirational day
that started very early!

You have given your BEST to your 3
And even with memories of a CHRISTmas tree,
You've struggled & fought to arise
& be Free,
So now enjoy ALL you have because
Jesus holds the KEY!!!

May your heart & theirs be filled with ALL the Gifts of CHRISTmas,
Peace, Joy, Love...and soon eternal life for the whole family!!!

I love you & your inspirational testimony of Jesus in YOU!!!