Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I think we have a problem here!

Yes, Miles has found the Christmas tree!! It took him a few days to get over his actual fear of the tree--standing back, looking at this and I think wondering why we now have a tree in the house.

But, as you can see his fears are now completely gone!! He has decided that this tree is his to climb, take a rest in and even try munching on a few of the branches!! And he doesn't just climb the tree--he stands back and jumps into it--shaking the entire tree. I'm surprised the entire thing hasn't fallen over yet. I know that my tree won't be up as long as usual this year.

What am I going to do with this kitty??

In answer to the questions to Firefly's Hot Pepper Jelly recipe--it is easy to make. If you can boil water, you can do this!! As for the taste--I've always found it hard to describe tastes--but this is a little sweet and tangy at the same time. Not too tangy--I don't care for things that leave an "afterburn" in my mouth!! We used red hot cherry peppers, but you could use jalapeno or I imagine any type of pepper that you would like. Lindsay did the chopping of the peppers, and we thought maybe it would be too hot because she told me that her "lungs were tingling" as she was chopping. But, it turned out just the way I like it. It really is delicious with cream cheese and crackers.

Lindsay is flying home tomorrow, and I more than likely won't see her again until the springtime or perhaps even the summer. As always, this time while she is home flies by so quickly. I always miss her more after a visit until I get back into the mode of her not being here again.

She won't always be in Texas, but I know that she will not be returning to live permanently in Pennsylvania. She and Tyler are now talking of moving to the Boston area after he finishes his last degree which should be sometime this coming year.

Oh, and a big congratulations to Tyler!! He is finishing his Doctorate's degree in cognitive psychology, and he is having his first paper based on his research and experiments published this Spring!!

No, I don't understand all that he is doing or even sometimes saying, but he is a wonderful young man who encourages my daughter. I am thankful that she has him in her life. He has given her opportunities to further her education that I could not possibly begin to do. He loves her, supports her and has helped her overcome a lot of insecurities that stemmed from our own family life while she was young.

And speaking of congratulations--a huge one to Lindsay, too! She achieved a 3.9 average last semester while working full time! This daughter of mine amazes me!! She is not letting our past hold her back but moving forward in her life.

I'm off work tomorrow, but Andrew will be taking Lindsay and Tyler to the airport. I don't like good-byes, so we'll say them here and not at the airport.

Tomorrow, I really need to rearrange some things on my blog--I see I still have my Christmas projects listed--and then the reorganization of my yarn! That will be a BIG job, but one I actually am looking forward to.

Make sure to stop by for your Weekly Memory Verse. I've almost got this week's imprinted into my brain! Do you think I should include a Mr. Linky for those who want to participate?

K--that's all for a while!!



Denise said...

Congrats to Tyler and Lindsay, way to go. I have the memory verse hidden deep in my heart sweetie. I love you.

Knittin Kudzu said...

Great Job Tyler and Lindsay!!! Excellent!

I loved the picture of Miles in the tree! Great shot!

Hope this last day of 2008 finds you well and blessed and happy! Can't wait to see what 2009 brings!

Blessings, Sandy

Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Miles... you naughty kitty. What joy you must bring into that house.

Chatty Kelly said...

Your kitty picture made me laugh! I'm so glad you had the chance to enjoy your daughter, and I know you'll miss her.

Happy New Year!!

Kay Martin said...

That cat picture could win an award. I think you need to promote it. Know I am praying for you to be blessed outrageously in 2009.

Jennifer said...

I love Miles! I have a tabby named Tiger Too...our 1st "Tiger" got killed, the kids didn't know we quickly went and found another one that looked just like him...named him...Tiger Too (also).
He is 10 years old now.

Congrats to Tyler and Lindsey!

Have a Happy New Year, Beth!


PEA said...

Happy New Year, dear Beth:-)

I'm back to blogging and so enjoyed reading your last few posts that I had missed while on my break. How wonderful that your daughter Lindsay was able to come home for Christmas and I can certainly understand how much you miss her when she leaves again. It's the same with my two boys. Congratulations to her and Tyler for doing so well with their individual courses...well done:-)

Your kitty certainly does look like he's having fun in your tree! lol I'm surprised my mom's kitty hasn't climbed into hers, he's usually so curious. I'm guessing it's my mom threatening to spray water on him ever time he comes near the tree that stops him! hehe

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer, dear Beth! xoxo

HisFireFly said...

Beth, you need to use this picture for a Christmas card next year! Perfect example of a cat being a cat!

Edie said...

HaHaHa!! Miles is funny! That's maily because he isn't jumping into my Christmas tree. LOL!!

Congratulations to Lindsay and to Tyler! So glad you had a nice visit.

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth...and family and even Houston the cat Miles has landed...and happy & blessed New Year! Took me a while to find this!
I came here throughout the day & read & could not find it until I thought about it was probably in last year in Dec. when I left the computer world! I agree with Firefly about using this photo for CHRISTmas cards or letters! It's a purrrr-fect one!!! Though I'm sure it doesn't delight your heart to see Miles shake your ornaments each jump into the tree!!! Can't even imagine what I'd do! You really must love the pretty kitty to tolerate all these shinanigans!

I'm glad that you've had time with Lindsay & congrats to both Lindsay & Tyler on their successful achievements. I'm glad she has him and he found her! I don't like good byes either! Hope you are feeling better and get rested! Projects will wait! You get well & stay well! I've missed ya' sooo much! But I'm back!!! Got carried away in research today & changing songs from videos!!! Love this program!
I think my computer connection was just me & my computer illiteracy but I think it was more than he told me or showed me!!!