Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I'm joining Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey for Thankful Thursday. Please stop by and visit Sonya--check out her blog and everyone else who is participating!! Maybe you'd like to join us!! I'm sure we can all think of 5 things we are thankful for--big or small!!

So, here we go with my 5 thankfuls for this week:

  • I am thankful that even though my son had a car accident on Saturday night in the ice and was thought to be injured, he was not. I am also thankful that the damages to the car were not too major and can be repaired easily.
  • :I am thankful that my daughters' best friend since they were very young delivered her baby safely--a healthy 8 pound 3 ounce baby boy--despite a scare at the end of her labor and an emergency C-section.
  • I am thankful that I have a job with good benefits. I work in a physicians' office, and every day I see more and more people coming in who have lost their job or their health benefits. There are many days when my job seems almost overwhelming to me and can be very stressful, but I am thankful that I have this place to go to every day.
  • I am thankful that I finally saw the albino squirrel that frequents my apartment complex. Hopefully, the next time I see him, I'll have my camera with me. He is a rare sight and actually rather beautiful--all fluffy and a huge white tail!
  • I am thankful that even though I wasn't able to attend a gathering at my church last night due to illness that people cared enough to call and ask where I was and what could they do for me. This reaching out meant so much to me when I wasn't feeling well--just knowing that I am loved and cared for by others.
Oh, I could go on, but I have to go and draw the winner for my angel. I'll announce that tomorrow!! Hope to see you at Sonya's!!

I also have some blog blessings to share--probably tomorrow or Saturday at the latest!! Stop by because I have some blessings to pass on to you!!



Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Beth,

What precious things that you are thankful for this week! I am so glad your son is ok, and that your daughters friend has a healthy baby. God is good.

Be blessed today!

HisFireFly said...

I know all about feeling ill, it's been almost 3 weeks for me now. Praying that you are quickly restored to wellness!

kadezmom said...

Beth - thanks for sharing your blessings. They made me stop, reflect, pray and smile. Does it really get any better than that? I didn't think so!

Debbie said...

Beth, it's good to focus on what we're grateful for, isn't it? I like that we share healthcare too. Although I no longer work in this field, I worked for more than 20 years as a nurse in the cardiac area. The last ten were with a cardiologist. I hope you feel better.

Aunt Kathy said...

Hey Beth how did you get the falling snowflakes? I've been admiring them

Darlene said...

What a great list of thanks! So glad your son is okay...I bet this was scary. Hope you are feeling better!!
Sweet Blessings,

Peggy said...

Blessings sweet Beth...and speedy recovery! This is such a beautiful thankful list of significant events!
I'm thankful your son is alright, and your daughter's friend's baby is healthy & they are both alright!
I'm so thankful that you have friends from church & blog world that care for you & pray when you don't feel well...that's God's family. And should be! Looking forward to your photo of your albino squirrel! I hope you were able to have good enough weather to join your church tonight & celebrate! Praying that your work gets more dependable help!!! But it is such a blessing to have a job & benefits in this day! Hold on!
May each person be blessed by your thankful servant heart & may God show favor on all your kids, work & church friends

Denise said...

Praising God for your sons safety.

HisFireFly said...

You'd best check my blog.. might have more to be thankful for.. tee hee, tee hee.........

Peggy said...

Send me some of that SNOW! Did you get that from Sonya's blog from a Darlene or how did you get it? Send me the how-to, please!!! I'll be expecting some blessings soon of a
worship, thanks, praise nature!!!

Marsha said...

Wonderful list,Beth.

Have a blessed weekend.