Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas Day!! Lindsay finally arrived from Texas on Wednesday morning. Her flight was supposed to land in Baltimore at 9:20 on Tuesday evening. Due to two delays in Texas and then icy roads from Baltimore to here, the three kids arrived back here around 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the tree was finally put up and decorated.

I think it looks pretty good considering how quickly we did this!! Now that I look at the picture, it is leaning a little bit, but I really don't care! It still looks beautiful to me!

We went to church on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m., and this wa
s an inspiring service regarding "The Gift of Hope". I try to show my children this gift on a daily basis, and my prayer for them is that they will come to Christ, receive and accept His wonderful gift to us.

The kids loved their gifts, and LIndsay particularly feel in love with her market bags telling me how everyone she knows is going to want these. She is taking them to her boyfriends' mother's home this evening to show her, too!!

Andrew and Cara's hats both fit on their heads (breath a sigh of relief!). Andrew gifted me a huge plastic bin with a lid to store my yarn in so that Miles cannot get into this anymore and have himself a blast!! I told him that maybe I would need to go back to buy another one.

That will be my project for this coming weekend--reorg
anizing my yarn and storing it away in this bin.

Miles has been good with the tree, surprisingly! This is his first Christmas, and I think he is somewhat afraid of the tree. He just stands and looks at it from afar. Let's hope he stays that way!!

And speaking of cats, my other kitty Scout is tired of Miles being in the spotlight all of the time. She is really very difficult to get a good picture of, but we were finally able to manage. So, here she is sitting next to an opened Christmas present. I'm sure she's thinking about squeezing herself into that box!!

The ideas are already floating in my mind for next year's Christmas crafts--more than likely some of the ones that I didn't finish this year. This year I'm going to be starting Christmas in January--not waiting until October-November like I did this year.

So, keep a watch!! I'll be posting next year's Christmas presents throughout the coming year. I see by the countdown banner I have 364 days!! That ought to give me enough time to finish some projects!!

Also, this year I'm going to be making some socks for myself. I have a lot of beautiful sock yarn just sitting here, and this is going to be put into use this year also.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Christmas Day!! Let's carry this spirit of Christmas with us every day as we enter into this new year!!



Denise said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your Christmas sweetie, I love you.

Aunt Kathy said...

Who care sif a tree leans... it beautiful. I hope Miles doesn;t figure out how to open the tub too, lol.

When does your daughter go home?

Debbie said...

Beth, I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas. The tree looks lovely and it's always good to have family together. Many blessings to you and your family for 2009.

Chatty Kelly said...

So glad that you had a great Christmas! Merry, Merry!

Tea said...

Oh goodness, I'm so glad your children arrived home safely! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and visit, too. :)

Your son is quite the thoughtful one, I say. Bless his heart. :)
Good luck organizing your yarn, and when you're done...come on down here & give mine a whirl! ;)

Marsha said...

I just thought the picture was tilted. What crooked tree?

Have a blessed time with your kiddos!