Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Move

As you can see, this is a child who is on the move!! She is crawling at the speed of light and pulling herself up.....getting into all kinds of things she shouldn't be....such as in this picture where she is about to awaken Lindsay's sleeping kitty. Oh, I didn't tell you Linday has a kitty? He is fairly new to the household...only about 3 weeks now....his name is Ivan. And he is another one who is into everything.
And in case you're wondering if she is always a happy child, here is a picture of what happens when she has been told the word "no"....

What a sad face!!
As I told her mother--"Make sure your 'no' means 'no' and your 'yes' means 'yes'. Don't say 'no' if you're going to change your mind after seeing this face (and hearing the whining) and then say 'yes'.
Lydia's Starghan has been completed as of yesterday evening....washed, dried and put away until her birthday. This actually turned out a little larger than expected, but I wanted her to be able to have this not just as a small child but later into her life. I, myself, have an afghan that I made for my mother over 30 years ago---washed and dried many times--and it is still in good shape. So, hopefully, this one will hold up as well.
I tried to take some pictures of the completed project...none of them turned out very well. When Andrew comes home this evening, I'll have him take some using his camera (which is way better than mine!)...and post them tomorrow.
Planning on working on Lydia's stocking last night, but my eyes were too tired for the tiny this evening this project will take the forefront.....and remain in the forefront until completion.

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Peggy said...

Hi Beth... What's with comments and I'm a late bird! How can you not comment on this sweetie pie!

Ohhh Lydia... and Cara, No has got to be "no"...I so agree!

Lindsay has a new kitty and Lydia, Ivan's not yours so you be careful! No one wants to see you get scratched!

Two on the move, lots to take care of...

Hoping to see the Starghan (good name) and stocking soon as you can.
I don't think with your new delight in the house that you're going to have any time for all these interests with your work supping all your energy and all you usually get to do is come home & rest. We need to break that cycle! But you DO need your rest and His strength
to be able to do this so do not neglect your time in Him! Even on a piano... speak out words of life & energize your little battery, looks like precious Lydia does not need that... ya' gotta keep up!

Peace & love,