Saturday, September 4, 2010


And so my 'surprise' arrived last evening around 5:30 p.m.!! Andrew and Lindsay were also excited about this 'arrival'!! Andrew picked up Lindsay from work, went to her home so she could change her clothes, and then came to my home to 'play around'. And 'play around' they did!! Cara is also interested in using this item....though she is wondering how she is going to manage her schedule in order to have ample time to fully use her ability.....
And, of course, Lydia will be able to make use of this some day also!!

And here it is!!

Now, you may be wondering how I came to be the owner of this piano--me, who cannot afford a piano in any way, shape or form.

Friends of mine are expecting a baby within the next week or so. They live in a townhouse, and did not have the room to keep this with all the baby items that are clamoring for space.

They put a small blurb on Facebook asking who would be interested in this. Six people were, so they held a silent auction, and I won!! YIPPEE!!

I wanted Andrew and a friend to move this for me, but the more he looked and investigated the possibilities and problems of moving a piano, he opted for professional piano movers. And early last evening, this piano came to my home....a true blessing....something that my heart has desired for over 50+ years.

Yes, you read that right--50+ years!! I first expressed my desire for a piano when I was 5 years old. My parents could not afford one, did not have the room, and did not have the extra income for lessons. I have not been praying for a piano, but God knows the desires of our hearts, and He granted this desire to me in a way I could afford and then enjoy. Thank You, God!! (and the former owners of the piano!!).

Now, off to investigate a little further for instruction books.....I just can't decide which to purchase. I think I'm going to go to the bookstore today....look around at what is available and pricing of these books. Then, back to Amazon to see what prices they have to offer....

I can read music, so I am a step ahead of the game!!

Since the stores aren't open yet, I think I'll go work on Lydia's Star Afghan for a bit....another thank You to God for my elbow not acting up while I am doing this!!



Cathy said...

That is so exciting, Beth! And it is a beautiful piano. Your post was very encouraging. You probably have music stores in your area where you could find some adult books. That is so wonderful for you. You will enjoy it. Blessings ~

Peggy said...

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Thank You LORD!

Something for all the family to enJOY! For Lydia, Gramma, mommy & auntie & uncle to have fun learning!

It looks so big! God is so good!
He knows your heart's desire... every one!

I'm so happy for you! Don't rush into books! Maybe someone is gifted and can play by ear! There is lots online I'm sure and Cathy above can answer questions!

Rejoicing in your fun and praying for your elbow to hold out so you can finish Lydia's gifts and the other's surprises!

Blessings, blessing, and more blessings! May you get some energy and rest in between all this excitement!!! Yeahhhhhh!

Love ya'

hakucho said...

You hit the jackpot, yay !!! Congratulations on your "new" piano! It's beautiful!! I've always wanted to have a piano, too, after playing with my grandparents old player piano (they had to move and couldn't take it with them) as a little child...unfortunately they gave theirs away before I could stake a claim in I wish we still had it. Enjoy :)