Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My piano instruction books arrived yesterday as I had hoped!! I sat down with Book #1--started at the very beginning--and worked my way through the first three lessons. Andrew came home during this practice, and stated "sounds pretty good"....which actually is a compliment from him.

As I promised a few days ago, I would post finished pictures of Lydia's Starghan. This definitely ended up being a bit bigger than I anticipated. But, she'll be able to have this as she grows. I'm really liking the bright colors....and I know she is attracted to bright one birthday present for Lydia has been completed!!

Now, Peggy was questioning 'popeye eggs', there is no spinach in them--even though that seems to be all Popeye ever ate!!

These are something that bring back a lot of childhood memories--both for me and my own children. When I was young, and my father had passed away, my mother went back to work full-time. My grandmother was then in charge of me. She would venture to my Aunt Edna's once a week to help her with her children and her ironing. For some reason, my grandmother loved to iron, and she ironed everything!!

During the summer when I wasn't in school, my mom would be at work, my brother off somewhere (remember he is 5 years older than me!), and Grandma and I would take a taxi cab to my Aunt Edna's once a week. I remember leaving in the morning before breakfast. I loved that taxi ride!! Grandma would sit up front with the driver, and I had the whole backseat to myself. This was a large, leather seat, and as the cab driver would go around corners, I'd slide back and forth across the seat....just laughing!! No seatbelts at that time!!

Anyway--since we had had no breakfast, Aunt Edna would make us 'popeye eggs'. So, I guess you could say this has been handed down through the family....

It's really very simple--not much to it--but it was special to me and then in turn to my own children.

You will need an egg and one slice of bread for each one you need to make. Place your bread on a counter or plate (or wherever is your choosing!). Take a glass (say juice glass size--not too big of a glass!!), and use the opening of this glass to cut of hole in the center of the bread.

Now you have a slice of bread with a hole in it and a small piece of round bread. Melt a little butter in a frying pan. Place your bread with the hole and the round bread in the pan. Break your egg and pour into the hole in the bread. Let this fry until ready to turn. Flip over the bread with the egg and the round hole....cook slightly on the other side.

Now, you have an egg and toast--all in one--plus a little round toasted piece of bread to dip into your egg.

How did this receive the name of 'popeye egg'? Well, remember Popeye? He only ever had one eye open....and this looks just like an eye staring up at you (before you eat it).

Give it a try--easy, simple, and tastes good, too!!

Why did Lindsay ask if I thought of her? Lindsay had her tonsils removed when she was four years old. After this procedure, she refused to eat.....for days. She would drink, but not eat a thing. Finally, she ate a poached egg....which is all she ate--each meal--every day--for I couldn't tell you how long--a poached egg sitting on a piece of toast.

One morning I changed this to a 'popeye egg' to see if she would eat this. And she did--again every day, every meal--for almost a year. But, at least she was eating again. No wonder she asked if I thought of her!! How could I not?

And who would have thought--the child who only ate these for so long would turn into one of the best cooks I know. She now eats (and makes) all kinds of delicacies using unusual seasonings and altering recipes to suit herself. Go, Lindsay!!

Have to go get ready for work!! A wonderful day to all!!



Peggy said...

YIPPEE!!! WOW!!!and thanks Beth!

Such wonderful memories to share!

I'm not a dunker in the yolk so I don't really like eggs, but it sounds like a great way to do it. Thanks for explaining so well. Once in awhile I will eat scrambled eggs, my dogs love having breakfast
but not me and I have to try to keep them happy & doing like they use to do regularly. I'm sure that they miss him, too and their eggs.
I'm not sure which they miss more.

You GO Lindsay girl...yeah! and you too "piano" player. I'm so delighted for you & Andrew giving his approval, so is he showing interest to strike the keys, too?

I'm glad to see you blogging your interests and current projects and
even some past memories! I just took a chance. Thanks for the Popeye recipe & Read & Consider!

Love & hugs,

hakucho said...

I see Lydia bringing her beautiful blanket with her when she goes to will be lovely sitting on top of her bed. Bigger the better :)

Tea said...

I'm tickled for you over the piano and your new music books. Both our girls play instruments - one plays piano, the other the flute.

I love the starghan! Those colors are beautiful!

Loved your popeye egg story! We call them bird in a nest - don't know why. :) Have a great week!

Karen said...

Your handiwork is lovely...

pam said...

Great post...I LOVE popeye eggs...I've never known what to call them...been making them for years. The afghan is amazing....well done.