Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fooling Around

I was going to make a bear--a bear of many bright colors for Lydia. I finished the head and then I realized that this yarn was not thick enough--she would be able to pull the stuffing out between the stitches. So, here I am--left with yarn. Fooling around, fooling around, and fooling around some more. And here is the result--not quite finished, but it will be by Lydia's birthday:



pam said...

Wow...you fool around WELL! :o)

HisFireFly said...

Beth -- this is gorgeous!!!

Peggy said...

Yeahhhh!!!! A beautiful, multicolor star showing the return of sailorcross!!!

Blessings Beth, I agree with the above too...you fool around so beautifully. How is your elbow after all this?

It's not a bear, it's not a square
so what will it be? It's looks complete to me.

So that's crochet not knitted (hmpf)

Isn't Lydia's birthday a bit away still? My how beautiful she is growing and so quickly!!! Gotta go scroll and see! Thanks for your impressive visit & comment! I know you are super busy or tired or both but I'm so glad that you get moments like these!

Blessing & praying for your day and the rest of the work week! See ya'

Peace & love,

Tea said...

Hi Beth, those colors are bright and cheery, and the pattern is adorable! Lydia will love it! I can't believe she's up for a birthday so soon - time is flyin'. Have a great week!