Friday, September 19, 2008

So Much To Share!

First, if you'll take a notice to the left on my sidebar, you'll see "The Flickering Firefly Award". This came to me this morning from my friend Karin. This is what she writes about this award:

This award is to recognize bloggers who shine the light of Christ for a watching world."

Please stop by and visit her and read a little bit more about her life and this award. I will definitely be passing this on to others who "shine their light".

I'll be posting more about this on The Power of Your Love, so please stop by there, also.

I have a few projects that I've been working on to share
with you:

This is a baby blanket for my daughter's friend. She just recently lost her mother and is expecting her first baby in December. I've known this young lady since she was three, and she has become another daughter to me. I've heard through my own daughters' grapevine that she has asked if I was planning on making anything for her new little one. I've been working on a baby blanket for her new son. Here's a couple of pictures. They aren't very good (as usual). I don't know what it is about me and a camera--we just don't seem to mesh. And also, due to the nature of the stitch of this blanket, I have it held down with numerous items--including two phone books, a giant box of crayons (yes, we love to color at my house!) and my iron!! Obviously, this blanket is going to take a lot of blocking!!

My youngest daughter picked out the yarn for this on her last trip home from Texas. She is coming home for 3 days just for the baby shower. Her friend doesn't know this--her coming to the shower will be a complete surprise. She keeps saying, "I can't believe that I'm having a baby shower and my best friend isn't going to be able to here!" She is in for a BIG surprise, and I can't wait to see her face when Lindsay walks into the room!

When it's all completed, I'll post another picture. Then, of course, I have a baby hat, and some socks, and other various items in mind for this new little bundle of love!!

I'm also working on a dishcloth (no surprise to those of you who know me!). This is a designed by Noreen. It's a KAL (knit-a-long) from Rachel's Knitting Room on Yahoo. This is a very different cloth with a twisted stitch design for the border. It's only about 1/4 of the way complete, but I just wanted to share some pics of this, tooI really like the unique design of this cloth. It's different from any other cloth that I've made. I can't wait to see the whole thing completed. I'll post a picture of that also.

And, now, in closing, I'd like to offer a huge "THANK YOU" to Aunt Kathy (no, she's not really my aunt!) for instructing me in how to link to everyone else so that everyone can have credit where credit is due! Thank you, Aunt Kathy!!! You might want to stop by and visit her, too. She has some pretty interesting things going on at her place!

K--That's all for a while!!


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Aunt Kathy said...

You are welcome Beth and I guess we should thank Mel too because I think it was her that showed me.

You are so deserving of that firefly award, the light of Christ is always shining from you and your blog.