Sunday, September 7, 2008

Am I a Stump?

Today 16 people were baptized during our three church services. I love baptisms--I feel as though I were being baptized all over again.

This day was a special day because a member of my Small Group was baptized. She was so ready for this, so excited. Her excitement is catching!!

Our message today was "What's the Wise Thing to Do?" It was about how sometimes we position ourselves to not be receptive to God's wisdom by admiring the lifestyles of people who are successful, but not satisfied. We all know these people. We see them on television, work with them, meet them during our day to day lives. They are filling their lives with all sorts of "things", and they may be successful financially, but they are still searching because they are not satisfied in their hearts.

Another way to not be receptive to God's wisdom is by spending most of our time with people who take the path of least resistance. Again, we know these people--those who take the easy way out, don't live with integrity.

Pastor Joel utilitized a saying he had read at some time--"Brooks become crooked by taking the path of least resistance. So do people."

And how many times do we do this without even realizing it. And God is saying to us, "No, not that way--come this way."

Another way of not being receptive to God's wisdom is by thinking that there is nothing new for us to learn--that God has nothing new to teach us. I know that there is so much that God has yet to teach me, has not even begun to present me with. I want to keep an open mind and ear for His voice.

So, how do we position ourselves to be receptive to God's wisdom? By assuming the position of a lifelong learner. By surrounding ourselves with God's words, God's people and learning everyday that God has something new to teach us. We need to claim ourselves and walk, stand, sit and kneel in the presence of Jesus at all times.

A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump; A God-shaped life is a flourishing tree.......Proverbs 11:28

I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life being a stump. I'm going to have to ask myself from time to time--"Is this a wise decision? Am I being a stump? Or am I being a flourishing tree?"


I also wanted to mention (as per Kathy's comment in my last post) that if you are interested in becoming part of the Prayer Journal (no definite name yet), please send me an e-mail regarding this. I'll be working on this bit by bit through the week and hopefully finished by the end of the week.

Once I receive your e-mail, I'll add you to the list of those who will be able to post on the journal.


Aunt Kathy said...

You're definitely not a stump.

You are an evergreen tree, firmly planted along the river of life.

HisPrincess said...

I will also remind myself and ask the question if I'm a stump or a tree. I think at times in my life I have been both. At the moment I'm in danger of being a bit stumpy. Time to start growing!

Re your prayer blog...I'd love to be a part of it too!

sailorcross said...

Sometimes I feel like that flourishing tree and other times I do feel "stump-like".

My roots are firmly planted where they need to be, but sometimes my branches want to grow in directions they have no business going!

And, that is when Christ comes to "prune" me--so that I can continue to bear fruit in HIS name!