Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prayer Journal

I mentioned briefly yesterday that I was considering doing a Prayer Journal blog. I've been praying about this, asking God if this was something I should or should not do.

His answer was for me to put this question to all of you. Would you like a prayer journal blog--where you could post prayers for yourself, for others, post God's answers to prayer in praise, share with one another?

So, I'm asking everyone who happens to stop by to please leave a comment regarding this. I'm willing to work on this--a new blog within my blog--dedicated to prayer alone.

Questions to answer:

  • Is this something you would like to see happen?
  • What would you suggest for a proposed title for this--other than "Prayer Journal"?
  • How should we set this up--requests, prayer responses, praises in the comments section--or should I really reach out and explore ways to do this in another way?
  • Anything else you would like to add I'll be open to considering.

Thanks so much for helping me with this project. I know that this is something that God wants to do in my life and the life of many others--to help increase our prayer life and our communication with Him. But, I also know that He wants all of us involved, not just me.


I wanted to add that if you feel strongly about this, as I do, feel free to post a link to your own blog. The more people praying to God about their own individual situations, others situations, our troubled times, anything on your mind, the better!!

He is just waiting to hear from us!!


Aunt Kathy said...


I belong to a Christian group on Weight Watchers and I set up a prayer request blog for us as well.

What I did was add people to be an author on the prayer blog, this way they could all prayer requests and praise reports (both equally important if you ask me)

If they wanted to be added they sent me their email address and I added them to blogspot which sent them an invitation to join the blog.

Anyone can read the prayers and leave comments but only those who request/ask are able to post prayers.

Here is the link to that blog so you can see what I did

HisPrincess said...

Great idea! Love it!

Anything that increases our prayer life has to be a good thing.