Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today, I am wondering about myself. I walked into church today, and someone said to me, "We missed you last night!" My reply was, "I was supposed to be somewhere last night?"

And yes, I was. I was supposed to be at "Dinner and a Movie" being held at church. There was going to be a dinner and then a viewing of "Phantom of the Opera". I love that movie, too!

I have this marked on my calendar for next Saturday. I don't know why. For some reason, I am having trouble remembering where I am supposed to be when. And here, I sat at home all evening when I could have been out doing something. Kind of upsets me when I do things like this, and now I'm wondering what I'm really supposed to be doing next Saturday!

I can tell you exactly why this is happening to me, too. I really don't even need to wonder about this. I have again overextended myself. I'm praying about what I need to let go, have been praying about this for several days now.

I'm involved in a lot of activities that I love and consider each of them to be important. But, I have to listen and let something go. There are just not enough hours in the day to complete everything that I have committed myself to.

When I do this (overextend and over commit myself) I have a tendency to fall back and not do anything! I just get overwhelmed and don't accomplish much at all.

I need to examine where I am in all of this and drop a few things. Right now, I basically feel as though I have no time to "just be". But, what to let go?

As Christians we are called to
balance, not imbalance, even
in the area of our work for God.

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I think that you will enjoy this--an opportunity to share your joys, sorrows, concerns, praises, prayer requests. I've added a video today that has a lot of meaning to me.

K--That's all for a while!



Aunt Kathy said...

Yeah I so know where you are coming from. My little date book comes with me everywhere now, but that isn't always enough.

When I wake up in the morning I ask the Lord what do YOU want me to do today, I figure He knows my schedule better then me, lol.

HisPrincess said...

I will pray that you can get some clear direction.

Love the name of your blog, LOVE that song...

my email is I'd love to be a part of it.

Nancie said...

Hi Beth,

I can identify with what you are going through too. It is so true that we need to be balance even in our zeal to serve God so that we do not over-extend ourselves and burn out. This has been one of my problem whenever I am well.

With bipolar disorder, whenever I am well, I am kind of hypomanic. I have more energy, more ideas, more creativity and tend to take on more things than I can manage in reality! There seemed to be so many things that I think I should do :) As a result, I often over-strain myself to the point of burnout and a relapse of clinical depression will follow inadvertently.

Learning to pace myself is a great challenge. I love to serve the Lord and His people, and I want to do whatever I can. But I need to learn to ask the Lord what He most want me to do and be conscious of my own limitations, trusting in God's sovereignty to work in all things.

These few weeks since I feel better, I have been rather overwhelmed! I began to take on more and more projects. I participated in more and more meme on my blog. I must confessed that I am beginning to feel really exhausted and overwhelmed!

I really appreciate your post today as this is what I need to read! Seems to be God's way of reminding me to pace myself, pray and seek Him on what He wants me to do, and do them according to His will and grace. I can't be doing too many thing or everything I want to but as long as I do my best in whatever I can, God will take care of the rest.

I am praying for you that God will guide you in the things He wants you do to daily. May He continue to bless your labors of love as you serve Him in your various callings and His joy continue to be your strength. Do pace yourself and take the necessary rest and breaks :)

Thank you for visiting my blog and your words of encouragement. Take care and have a most blessed day and week!

With Christ's love and prayers,