Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Belated Labor Day--A Little DRT News

We had our belated Labor Day picnic at work today. But, it wasn't joyful as it was supposed to be. I can't go into any details--just know that there has been some turmoil at my work that created a kind of dismal fog over our celebration. Enough about this!

The person that I was to start training yesterday did arrive home safely from Texas. Her family there is fine, and for that I am thankful. She wasn't able to fly out of Houston because of too much debris on the runways. But, she is home now, at work today, and so we began her training. So far, she seems to like our place of work, and that is a good thing. We are short staffed and need people who are willing to work, willing to be part of a team.

And another item on Dishrag Tag--My team is tied for second place with two other teams, so right things are looking up for our team! Anything could happen though--a cranky mail carrier, weather delays, knots in yarn, blistered thumbs (like my right thumb is now!!).

You would think that with all the dishcloths and hot pads that I have made, that I would have thought to grab one of them before reaching into that microwave and having plastic and brown sugar melted onto my thumb--now wouldn't you? I was just in a hurry and not thinking, and that's all there is to that.

K--that's all for a while!



Aunt Kathy said...

Sorry about your turmoil at work, glad your trainee is working out though and are you icing that thumb?

I lifted my crock pot out tonight without pot holders, ouch... used my nightgown to carry it to the table, good thing one of the kids didn't walk through, hahahahahaha

HisPrincess said...

Now that is an interesting mental picture aunt Kathy! LOL!

Beth, I hope things settle down at work soon. I don't like it when things are in turmoil at work, it really effects your life since you spend so much time there.

Good luck with you tagging!

sailorcross said...

Kathy--Did you burn yourself, too? I hope not. This reminds me of myself--I come home from work and put on a tee shirt--and that is all I wear--a tee shirt and underwear (of course!) for the evening.

My daughter called me one evening and said to me, "I'm on my way over there and Josh is with me, so please put on some pants!"

How well she knows me!!

Have you checked out "The Power of Your Love" yet?

Sharon--Did you receive your invite to join in "The Power of Your Love" yet? I've sent it to you twice since you expressed an interest in this.

Hopefully, there will be a re-enactment of table sliding video. I would love to see this in action!

And to both of you--thank you for your encouragement about my work. It's a tough situation that I can't go into, but it is very DIScouraging. Your thoughts will go with me to work today! Thank you!