Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Found It and My Poor Son!

I had Small Group last evening and didn't arrive home until late. Then, my son showed me his foot. He told about his foot, how he thought he injured this two days ago. I looked at it and told him that I thought he had an infection going on. He didn't want to hear this at all!!

By the time I arrived home last nght, his entire foot is red, swollen, hot to touch--definitely an infection going on!! He still didn't believe me (like I don't see these things every day of my life!).

So, I looked up cellulitis to show him that this is indeed what he does have. Poor boy!! He's looking at the pictures, reading what is said about this, and suddenly he sits down.

I glanced over at him--he is white as a sheet, droplets of sweat falling from his face!! He's about ready to pass out!! I quickly shoved his head between his knees and ran to the bathroom to get a cool compress to put on his forehead.

He's okay--didn't actually pass out--but was pretty close. I think he is now convinced that he needs to go to see a doctor today!!

I'll let you know later today how all that turns out.

And, oh--I found my camera thingy majingy, which I was informed is technically called a UB cable!! How was I to know? You will never guess where I found this!! In the clothes hamper of all places. I think a little kitty named Miles was up to his tricks again!!

K--that's all for a while!!

Talk to you later!!


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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Beth I had cellulitis and it was NOT fun. It was the worst pain I ever felt until I got gout. I hope your son is on the med already. OUCH