Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is my sailor cross. This belonged to my Dad, my father that came into my life when my Mom remarried when I was 12. In addition to a wonderful man that I could call my Dad, I also gained a sister and a brother. Along with my own brother, we came together and made a family. My sailor cross was a gift to my Dad from my Mom on a long ago Father's Day.
I was given this cross by my brother when my Dad passed away. He always said that this cross meant "faith, hope and charity". I've done a little investigating on my own regarding a "Sailor's cross", and that's exactly what it does mean.
But, to me, this cross has more meaning than this. Definitely, faith, hope and charity--they are all wonderful. However, when I look at this cross, study this cross--to me this means that I am anchored to Jesus.
I am just an ordinary person. I have never done anything miraculous in my life. I have never calmed a storm or walked on water. But, with Jesus, all things are possible in my life.
There have been a lot of changes in my life. My Mom and Dad are gone, my sister passed away at the age of 50. She was my best friend, and I miss her.
Since my sister's death, my family has also gone through a lot of changes. One of my brothers and his family no longer come to family functions. It's as if they just can't bear to be there without my sister.
My other brother, my own biological brother, has also distanced himself from me. Why? Because of my relationship with Christ! He and my sister-in-law have asked my children, "What is this with your mother--going to church, belonging to groups, doing 'things' with church people?" And my daughter (who is a nonbeliever) told them to leave me alone about this.
So, this is what they have done. They have left me alone. i call them every weekend and leave a message, but I get no response.
I am praying about this situation with my brother. Unfortunately, I think he wants the person I used to be to come back into his life. He doesn't see that I am still me, only a better version of me.
Knowing that all things are possible with Christ, I pray and ask God to help my brother see--to see me as I am, to come to know Christ, to re-establish our family.
I also know that this is why God has given me such an awesome spiritual family. Sometimes, our own families just aren't there to meet our needs. So, God has given me brothers and sisters in Christ--people that I can turn to, talk to, cry with, laugh with, pray with. And, I am so thankful.
My cross--I never take it off. It is always with me, just as Jesus is always with me. I am anchored to Him.


Debra said...

My memory fails me; I just can't remember how I found your blog! But reading this post touched my heart in so many ways. I can't think of a sadder thing than to have a family NOT a family.
I pray this situation will change, and that you will see God's hand in it all someday.
In His Name, Debra

Tiffanie said...

I can totally relate. I am the only believer in my immediate family. My Aunt came to know Jesus when I was younger and became know as "crazy aunt Lyn". Her and my mom don't even talk anymore. My family will still talk to me, but I know they thing I'm "crazy" too... doin "stuff" with "church people" and all. But it's OK. I pray for them all, a lot. In the past two couple years, they have all (at one time or another) commented on how proud they are of me, how much I've changed and how I've really "grown up". (Why can't they see it's cause of Jesus?) Anyhow, the most difficult part of having a family of non-believers is, as you said, they just aren't there for things cause they are coming from a totally different perspective. At first I felt so alone... but God has brought a whole new family into my life. And I too am thankful.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Aunt Kathy said...


Nice post... and just give me more to pray about for you and your family. And more to praise God for in the healing and deliverance He has given you.

But my friend you have battled the stormy seas, and walked on water and don't let the devil tell you any different.

Peggy said...

My sweetest Beth...I just knew that you had a post explaining this but had no idea where or how to find it!
So I'm glad that you did not tell me but pointed me in the right direction! I have too many tears right now to write clearly but if God moves me, I'll be back and write more about the specifics! Your anchor is precious!!!

Deborah Ann said...

Well you have certainly had your fair share of hardships! I hope your brother comes around. Sometimes my brothers and sisters are uncomfortable when I talk about God. I can so relate...

I LOVE that sailorcross!!! Love it. Do you know where I could find one of those?