Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Surprise in the Mail and A Bit of Defiance!!

Today was not an exciting day at all! No surprises in the mail like yesterday!! Only junk mail, which I guess is better than bills!!

I'm still looking for patterns for that new sock yarn, so if anybody has any suggestions, I'm open to all and any ideas!! I want to make these so special. The yarn was a huge surprise, and it is just beautiful!

I'm finally starting to feel better from the strep throat and the pink eye. Did I mention that I also had pink eye with this? I don't remember!! Finally able to eat some solid food today and swallow without pain! I'm still feeling pretty exhausted even though I feel like all I do is sleep.

Here's a question: What do you do when someone you work with is blatantly defying set rules by using the internet on company time? This is grounds for termination at my work. This person has been reported by more than one person, and nothing is done. And, today, she was at it again!!

I feel badly because I do consider this person to be a friend. I've done things with her socially. I've even talked with her about this use of the computer at work, how much trouble she could be causing herself, how she could lose her job. She has been there for over 20 years, and her answer is "I don't care!"

I've prayed about this situation more times than I can count. I felt that if I talked with her face-to-face and confronted this issue, that she would care and would stop. But, it didn't work that way.

Any suggestions??

K--that's all for a while!



Aunt Kathy said...

Well I would have suggested you talk to her, but I see you have done that.

What is God saying? If He is saying nothing then wait.

Does your employer expect someone to report unauthorized use if they see it happening?

Glad you are feeling better

Tea said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Eewwy on pinkeye & strep throat. What a trial.
If the gal at work has been reported & nothing was done..not much left to do but pray about it.

Nancie said...

Hi Beth,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your encouraging comment. I love the surprises in your mail yesterday! Beautiful!

Sorry to hear about your strep throat and pink eye. Hope you get better soon. Praying for you. The situation with your colleague is indeed a very difficult one. Praying for you too in this matter. May God guide and lead you. Take care.

Praying for you,

Truth4thejourney said...

You may need to just let the consequences fall where they may. I know its hard but there's really nothing more you can do. Keep praying that the Holy Spirit would show her the sin in what she's doing.

Praying for you today,

Tiffanie said...

Nope. You didn't mention the pink eye. Glad you are feeling better!

I agree, I think your gonna have to let the consequences fall. Can't hurt to keep praying though.

I'll consider myself hugged. Although we may never meet here, I know we will one day.

Have a great day!