Friday, August 8, 2008

Okay, I promised you some pictures, and here they are!! These are some of my latest projects.

First, I have made a dishcloth that was designed by Noreen. If you want to make this yourself, the instructions are here on Noreen's blog. I really like this design, and it feels really sturdy. In fact, I think this could be used as a hot pad for your table. This design is called "Swedish Blocks".

Next, I have Summer Breeze, which is from my Monthly Dishcloth Group. It's the July mid-month KAL, so I guess you can figure out quite easily that I'm a little bit behind!! Don't even ask me how many times I started, completely ripped out the entire thing and started again because I won't tell you!! And then, I decided that it just wasn't quite big enough, so I added on another row of the design. Thank goodness I got through that last row of design without any mistakes!!

And last, but not least--one of my very favorite designs--I'll make this one over and over again. I call it "Waves". I've made this in so many different color combinations, and each one is just as beautiful as the next.

I'm thinking of making this sweater for my Texan daughter for Christmas. It would perfect for the winter when she can just go out with a lightweight jacket or a sweater. Then, I looked at the yarn this pattern was calling for. Believe me, the yarn is just gorgeous--100% wool--but when I figured the total cost of the yarn, it's close to $200!!!

If I can find some similar yarn that is less expensive, then I'll go ahead and make this. I love my Texan transplant so much, but I know she would be distressed if I spent that amount of money on yarn for a sweater for her. And I would be distressed if it didn't turn out--Oh, would I be distressed!!

Anyway--here's a pic of the sweater. I love it, and she would look adorable in this, but I just can't justify that amount of money for yarn for a sweater!

Now, I'm off to knit some squares for The Ghana Project, and I have all kinds of things lined up to work on this weekend. I'm determined to get these UFO's that are hanging around here completed.

Oh, and for all the fans of my kitty, Miles--I got up this morning--red alpaca yarn all over my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and dining room!! What am I going to do with this kitty?? He actually took a lid off the box I have this yarn stored in, took out the ball, and then had himself a ball!!

K--That all for a while!


And a special thanks to my friend, Aunt Kathy, who explained in detail to me how to link another person's blog to mine!! I think it worked!! Thanks again, Kathy!!


Aunt Kathy said...

I see you got the linky thing to work, woo hoo

The squares came out great.

Wow now that is a sweater, I have no clue about the yarn... maybe Shelly will have an idea.

Tea said...

Wow, your cloths look great! I love the pink one especially!

Hope you find some great, affordable yarn for the sweater.

I have a sister in Pharr, TX. It's at the southern tip..going down there in November for my niece's wedding. Can't wait.