Saturday, October 2, 2010

Putting Out Some Feelers......

If you truly know me, then you will know that I have a very 'soft spot' for the homeless. Perhaps this is because I have been close to that situation myself at least 3 times with 3 children in tow.

Regardless of the reason, my heart always leans in this direction. I have done charity knitting/crocheting for various organizations, and I have always felt that 'this is good'. But, I have also felt that this was not 'it'.

The beginning of the week, I was visiting hakucho just because she designed one of my very favorite dishcloth patterns. I wanted to see what she was up to recently.

She had a photo of some squares. I thought to myself, "I wonder what she is going to do with these squares?" (knowing that she has a very inventive mind). So, I read further.

She is going to a Knit-A-Thon that benefits the homeless!!

I then went to visit the website for the Knit-A-Thon. I was totally blown out of the water!! This is it!! This is it!! My heart was telling me full blast that this was it!!

I sent an email to the organizer of this event, and she responded that very morning. We have since talked on the phone twice, and she is very excited about expanding her Knit-A-Thon (which is in Boston) to other areas. If you browse around her site, you will see that they have made many blankets and raised a substantial amount of money doing this as an outreach to their community.

I am willing and able to organize this (with some help from my friends!). Basically, you knit or crochet 9 x 9 inch squares. You will need to have sponsors--say 50 cents or perhaps a dollar/square.

Then, at a later date, the knitters/crocheters will meet en masse--assemble the blankets (35 squares to each blanket), and the blankets and the monies will be donated to a local homeless shelter.

I'm just in the stages of putting out feelers now. I've sent emails to every knitting group and local yarn shop that is close to our area, contacted my church regarding this, and now I'm appealing to you.

Do you want to help with this effort? You could either be part of the square making, the assembling, or both. Do you know someone who knits or crochets who may be interested in this? If so, please pass the word!!

I want to get an idea of who is willing to do what before I contact the shelter. Nothing worse than presenting them with an idea and nothing to follow up with--right??

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a line!!



hakucho said...

Good luck with your knit-a-thon in your area. I'm sure you'll find many who will want to take part to benefit such a worthy cause :)

happy knitting :)

Victoria said...

I'll ask my mom, Beth! This is a great idea! Too bad I can't knit!

Peggy said...

Many divine blessings Beth...

Praying for your heart's desire to minister to God's people...which for you is those "homeless" perhaps more than any other they need His touch, His love, His warmth...may He who began a good work in you, continue to bring it to completion in Him...for greater is HE; blessed is the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God..that is faith in action!

Seeing & believing!

Having a fire and a desire...
Having a purpose with a vision,
Allows His Spirit to flow through us
To bring Jesus & His Kingdom
to others,
One stitch at a time is always fine!
But any united body working toward one goal is DIVINE!

God bless you and all who do their part...whatever God speaks to their heart. Praise God for all those details coming together! A great BIG WOO HOO!!!

Peace & God's best,

Yaya Yarns said...

I am so glad that Peggy put me in contact with you. I am now a follower and look forward to getting to know you better. Heading off now to read more of your blog!