Monday, October 11, 2010

Still Counting......

#26 The pleasure of a home that I thought I would never have again

#27 The joy of spending two days with my daughter and granddaughter and having meaningful

#28 Fall decorations

#29 Red, yellow, orange and green leaves floating lazily down the creek

#30 Mums of many types and colors......and the joy of sharing one of these with others

#31 Peace in my heart and mind
#32 The smell of simmering potpourri filling my kitchen
#33 Sleeping through the night without awakening with thoughts that don't belong in my

holy experience


godsown said...

Blessings to you Beth!
wanted to tell syour lists since you started counting speaks every week to me.
Did not comment because i have pc issues what take time to post or comment.....
I praise and thank God for all he does in your life and yours.
Happy to stay connected with you through prayer
Have an great and blessed week!

hakucho said...

Looks like fall at your house! You are blessed and I hope you'll have many more blessings to come :)

Tea said...

I'm so glad for all your blessings. The Lord is mighty and able to do all we ask and more. Love the mums! Have a great week.

Peggy said...

Many fall blessings Beth... So thankful that you have your home too!!! I LOVE your fall look!!!
and your grateful heart list growing... are you sure that you're going to stay committed to 1,000?

This is a pretty big commitment for one just returning to blog... love that you shared photos!

pam said...

Oh I LOVE #33!!!! No matter how far we get in our 1000 I pray God stirs gratitude within us each day. I forget about this 1000 gift posting sometimes. Hmmm, #31 is pretty grand as well! Blessings of His best on your week!