Monday, October 25, 2010

On My Way....

Monday to Monday---

All I can say is that this has been a rough, long week. I cannot believe that it is Monday morning again....amongst the trials, busyness and yes....some laughter thrown in for relief....there are still blessings and thankfulness to be counted upon:

#34 to 41

clouds just before sunset with colors splashed through

fallen leaves upon the deck

a tree near my work with glorious autumn tuning

the very first shipment of squares for the homeless project

three children who love and support one who has done them

much harm

being able to pray for someone who has caused me much


playing an entire song on the piano with no mistakes

people gathering together to help those less

fortunate than themselves--and doing so with


Have a wonderful day--and remember to be aware of the blessings that come your way throughout your journeys.....



pam said...

Oh my word...gorgeous photos. And a big WOO HOO for the song on the piano!!!! Praying His love does a complete work in all those who have been hurt that they are able to forgive and release those hurts and the one who hurt them. It's so hard living with people on this planet isn't it...oh how I look forward to seeing Him face to face. Praying this week is better, that your abiding will be sweet and that He guard and protect you in all ways! In Jesus name, AMEN

hakucho said...

Glorious photos!!

Annesta said...

Lovely, lovely pictures! I have never seen a tree that is flaming red! Wow! What a gift and a blessing to see in person.
Your list was lovely and I join you in gratitude for being able to pray for someone who has caused you so much hurt. That is a true gift from God above. In our own power, we can not come close to that accomplishment.
blessings and grace to you