Monday, November 10, 2008

Project #1 Is Off The Needles!!

WOO HOO!!! Finally finished the Irish Hiking Scarf for Cara, and now I can move on to Lindsay's market bag!!

It took me a little longer than I anticipated. I thought I w
as finished, but when I put this scarf around my neck I realized that it needed to be longer. Cara is much taller than me, and it was perfect for me, so I added another 6 inches in length.

The scarf is folded in half here, and is actually just under 6 feet long. That should be long enough for her, don't you think? I sure hope so because I'm ready to move on!!

K--that's all for a while!!



Dorothy Champagne said...

This is really nice! I love gifts that someone spent time making because then I know it was more than just a trip to the store. I'm sure every time you made a stitch you thought about Cara. How wonderful!

Chatty Kelly said...

Really a great job. Happy Knitting!

Aunt Kathy said...

Beth, it's lovely

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth....Ya hooooooo ...looks beautiful!And to know that each stitch was needed with much love & prayer makes Cara a 6 foot
blessing!!! Now think about this, you told me that she's almost 6 feet tall so ya' think! That's one down and miles to go...Is knitting called "a stitch"? I've heard knit 2 purl 1...or something like that..
I overlooked mentioning this but your new project idea with DV shelters sounds very valuable to pass the gift on & as a stress releaser but look at how they can save money or not? But you are already participating in another great mission making those squares for the blankets!!! You under estimate all the good you do!

Praise God!

Tiffanie said...

Your projects are very pretty. You are quite talented. I tried to knit a blankie once, didn't work out. I have to stick to the sewing machine.

Oh, I finally made my Christmas list! Thanks for the inspiration on that!!

Hope you have a blessed week!

Grammy said...

You did a wonderful and thoughtful thing by making her the scarf. It is beautiful.