Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Cleaning Game

I have a problem!!! With all the Christmas projects lined up and in the works, my housework is being neglected!! Not that it won't wait for me to get to it, but I just don't like the idea of being overwhelmed with this after the Christmas list is completed.

I went to visit Grammy the other day, and she has started "The Cleaning Game"!! I read over this and it sounds just right for me--one task a day, and on top of everything else, you pay yourself for doing this task!! One task and a reward--$30 at the end of the month to spend on myself!! (Oh, please, don't let me buy more yarn!!)

So, I decided to join in on this--follow along and see h
ow I do. And if you are being overwhelmed with your household chores (as I am at this moment!), you might want to stop by and visit Grammy and join in the fun!!

Here's my task for Monday (and I have until 7 p.m. central time tonight--5 p.m. my time tonight--I think!) to complete it: And then my next task will be assigned!! I love it--one task a day and pay for myself, too!!

The task will be to de-clutter at least 1 thing.

It can be as easy as clean o
ut your purse
or as hard as organize a room

It is up to you what you want to do.

Well, my purse is pretty much a mess right now--so I think I will choose that. Be back later today to let you know how this went. And if I do this, $1 to my Task Jar!!

K--that's all for a while!!



Knittin Kudzu said...

Beth, thank you so much for sharing about the Cleaning Game! What a great idea! I fight clutter all the time. Can't wait to start this...what a great challenge! And, rewarding too!

Have a blessed day!

Truth4thejourney said...

Sounds fun! Things are always nicer and fresher when they've been cleaned out.

Love you!

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth...So here's where you're hanging out and got sick...
CLEANING...that could make anyone
ill...I saw this with Grammy
...good idea! I guess just picking up after one kitty that's loved alot could earn you today's $! So sorry that your kitty was naughty & with your best yarn. What do you mean your pusre...yarn is the priority here!!! God bless you for an honest effort here especially when you're not feeling well! Hope you are better soon!

Grammy said...

I love your choice in words.
I some times have confusion and do not get my point across as well as you do. Thank you for joining in. And making my day better. It helps me so much to do this. I have a motive now to get things done now.
Bless you my friend