Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Cleaning Game--Tornado Tuesday

Oh, I was thinking I was a day behind again!! But, I'm not--this is the task that Grammy has posted last night to be completed by this evening.

Today's task is to organize 1 thing.

You can organize your yarn
organize 1 cabinet or drawer
Just pick 1 easy thing to do.

It is up to you what needs to get
organized for your self.

What?? Organize your yarn, organize a cabinet or a drawer? I wonder it that includes that closet I mentioned yesterday?

Hmmm...seems pretty odd, doesn't it? That Grammy would mention yarn, a cabinet or a drawer when I just posted pictures of all the mess that Miles has made. But, no the timing is wrong. She just must know more about my life than I think!!

If you want to learn more about The Cleaning Game, you can just click on the picture in my sidebar, and you'll be directed to Grammy's site!

Progress is being made on Lindsay's market bag!! I don't have pictures yet. I'll wait until a little more is completed so you can see how pretty it is going to be. I'm pleased with my progress so far.

And PLEASE, remind me in January, 2009 to start for Christmas of 2009 so that I am not being overwhelmed like this again!!

I'll be back later to let you know about the completion of my task. I don't know--I'm looking at this closet right now--it looks a little bit too much to accomplish in one evening. So, maybe just the yarn--which is still on the floor!!

K--that's all for a while!!



Aunt Kathy said...

FlyLady always says use your timer

15 minutes on a task is enough. It's all about BABY steps.

If we work 15 minutes at a time before you know it things have shaped up.

PS "HI Miles, you funny kitty"

sailorcross said...

Oh, yes!!! Miles is a laugh and a half!!

It's going to take me a lot longer than 15 minutes to clean up this yarn mess, especially if I decide to detangle it all!! Some of this is my "good" baby alpaca!! Now, that is just too much to handle!!

Sharon said...

I posted on the kitty so I now know whats going on. But you are so right, I have a cabinet in the bathroom, to which it feels like I just straightened a few mths ago and it sure needs it again, so yes I can tackle this. Great idea!
I love your site and I'm looking forward to coming back and visiting.
Be Blessed my friend

Peggy said...

Oh bless you Beth...I think you're taking on too much! Your project list alone is overwhelming and then I look at the countdown plus you add this cleaning...well, thank God that Grammy told you 1 easy thing.. you take on too much and I know you probably clean more than 1 thing when you get home & today's organize...well, I'm sure you worked on this already also!!!
I think you need to eliminate things from your the Love church & small group...slow down! You're wearing me out! And I love you and need YOU more than gifts
(uhum...didn't someone just write me this)! Don't they realize this?
Just spending some time with me...
apply this! I love you Miles but be
a love & leave the yarn alone!!!

Thanks Grammy for slowing her pace!