Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas List Progress

I'm sad to report that I made absolutely NO progress on my Christmas projects yesterday!! Not one bit!!

And to top it off, I remembered something that I needed to include in the list--satin pillowcases. I already have the material for these--just need to cut them out and sew them.

Satin pillowcases, you say? Yes, satin pillowcases!!

When I was a teenager, my hair was very long--I could sit on it. If I didn't braid it at night, I had knots galore in the morning!! So, my mom got my sister and I satin pillowcases--and voila--no knots!!

My hair is still long--though not as long as it used to be, and I still use a satin pillowcase. My youngest daughter knew that these prevented knots, and loved them. But, when she moved to Texas she started using regular pillowcases. Her hair is also long.

She went to the hairdresser to get her hair trimmed, and the hairdresser said to her, "You sleep on your left side, don't you?" And she replied, "Yes, I do. How do you know that?" To which the hairdresser replied, "Your hair is thinner on the left side from breakage from your pillowcase."

Guess what?? Back to satin pillowcases for her!!

So, they have been added to the "Christmas To-Do List"!! I've got to stop soon.

Would someone please remind me next year to start on Christmas in January instead on November?

K--That's all for a while!!


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Tea said...

Thank you for posting about the pillowcases, Beth! That's just amazing! I'd never heard of satin pillowcases preventing knots in long hair. I'll be sure and tell my daughter. Her two daughters will be tickled pink to hear it. :)

Thank you bunches for voting for my contest entry! :)