Thursday, October 9, 2008

Movin' That Kitty!!

Today is "Weigh-In Day"!!!! As you can see from my kitty tracker, I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks!! Not too shabby, I think!!

Work was its usual self today--a lot of people calling in to schedule their flu shots, a lot of grumbling patients, and yet we still had time for a few good laughs.

Tonight, I have a couple of phone calls to make regarding new Small Group members and then on to knitting these Christmas presents. I have a cone of natural here already, so I'm going to use that for one of the market bags for Lindsay to see how it turns out. If I like it, I'll probably make her one in another color.

I started the Irish Hiking Scarf this morning before I left for work. Only about an inch of that done so far, but it's a start!

Off to The Power of Your Love to post my "Thankful Thursday".

K--that's all for a while!!



Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Beth,

Six Pounds! Thats FANTASTIC!! I am so proud of you!! YEAH!! You Go Girl!! Woohoo! AMEN!

Just thought I'd cheer you on as this is an amazing thing to have accomplished. :)

Love you!

Dorothy Champagne said...

I have been waiting ALL day to see that kitty move! Congratulations!!

Aunt Kathy said...

You know I never noticed the Kitty, lol I lost my tracker. I have to set up a new one I guess. Maybe I'll go do that now.

Nice loss Beth, that's the way to BRING IT ON!!!

HisPrincess said...

Well done you!

You are doing really well, weightloss is soooo hard and I'm really proud of you!

Kenyetta said...

Congrats! I really need to get motivated!

Denise said...

Six pounds, woo hoo!! You are doing great sweetie.