Friday, October 31, 2008

Dishrag Tag and Costumes of the Day!

One more post about Dishrag Tag, and I promise that this will be the last about this (until next year, that is!).

But, I received my prizes for the second place team in the mail, and I just had to share them with you!!

This is reversible small project bag--perfect for carrying a dishcloth or sock project!

And here are three lemon drop stitch markers!! They are really, really pretty--prettier than my picture!!

So, on to the news that I know you have all been waiting for--yes, the kitty moved!!!! Yeah--go kitty!!

There is one thing I don't understand though, and that is how I managed to gain this weight overnight, and it seems to be taking so long to lose it!!

So, now I'll move on to yesterday at my work. Now, I know that this is a controversial issue for some, but every year at my work we dress in costume for Halloween. This is used for a good purpose--to bring an office staff that is sometimes divided together. And our patient's love it!! People will call to find out which day we are dressing up and schedule appointments for that day just so they can see what we've done this year.

Then we always have a potluck luncheon--all of us eating together when we usually eat in shifts. It's just a fun day and a great tension reliever in a sometimes stress filled office.

So, without further ado, I will introduce some of our characters for the day:

Here we have Little Bo Peep!!

Our resident cowgirl!

The office jester!

These two are ready for the 50's dance tonight!!

And who is this?? Well, I don't even want to say--but it is me--in the get-up that my daughter decided upon for me!! I don't really know who or what I am, but I sure did get a lot of laughs!!

K--that's all for a while!!



Aunt Kathy said...

Oh beth what a riot. I'd never recognize you. LOL

Your prizes are very nice too.

Tea said...

The Everyday Housewife! Cool.
That's my Saturday look for when I get a bath.

Wasn't DT a bunch of fun! Love all the loot you got for winning 2nd place.:)

Chatty Kelly said...

Love your costume!!!!!

Thanks for your thoughts on my blog today!

Tiffanie said...

Great costumes. Glad they were all tasteful. My husband was telling me about a gal in his office who was asked to go put some clothes on. Why she thought her get up was office appropriate, I don't know!

I didn't dress up, but my kidos had costumes. I uploaded some pics in our albums.