Friday, October 3, 2008


Just quickly--because I am really supposed to be getting ready for work!! I've been kind of down the last few days (now, let's be honest--I've just been down)!!

But, the good news here is that I am on my way back up!!

I decided 2 weeks ago to lose some weight. Then I thought that I need an accountability partner in this! So, I contacted my friend Aunt Kathy (and again, she is really not my aunt!). She has been a great inspiration to me in her own weight loss and struggles with this. She has agreed to this partnership, so last Thursday I started on my yet another journey with the Lord.

And when I stepped on the scales at work today--guess what?!? Down 4.6 pounds!! There is a weight tracker at the bottom of my blog--it apparently doesn't do the decimal system and says only 4, but that 0.6 is important for me to remember.

So, check it out occasionally, as I continue on this new lifestyle of eating!

K--that's all for a while!



Dorothy Champagne said...

I love the weight tracker you've put on the bottom. It's a good idea and motivator - and that point 6 is important! Remember 1/2 a pound to 2 pounds a week is healthy - so don't get discouraged if you don't have as big a loss next week! AND Congratulations!

Knittin Kudzu said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! I am on a weight loss journey also. Trying to take it slow and steady! Keep up the good work! The Lord will see you through to your goal!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

Woo Hoo Beth... nice first week results. And I CAN be your AUNT if you want. LOL

I see the Dr Monday so will get an official weigh in then.


Chatty Kelly said...

Congrats! I lost 10 lbs earlier this year...and have gained 8 lbs back. Errrrr. I need to get back at it! Thanks for the motivation!

Tiffanie said...

Congrats! I'll be praying for you on this journey.

Hey, did you check out the eMealz? We are doing the low fat option and the food is great.

Hope you have a great weekend! Ours is full! We have the Buddy Walk, a barn dance, my baby shower and we are going to see my brother play. He is a musician and has been getting (paying) gigs around town. My other brother and his wife are going too. We are leaving the baby with my parents when we go... which I am nervous about, it will be my first time away from her.

Tea said...

Way to go, Beth!
Oh boy, I could lose a few pounds and not miss them a bit, too.
Goodman read that when you are cutting back you get a down's from lowering your sugar/carb intake. It goes away after a few should experience that soon. Rootin' for ya!