Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look What The Mailman Brought Me!!

I said I'd be back, and here I am!! The mailman brought me a surprise yesterday, and then again today!! How exciting is this!?!?!

Yesterday, this is what I received:
What is this you may ask? This is my Traveling Scarf!! I started the first section of this back in February!! Then I sent it on to someone in Washington state, who sent it on to someone else, and so on to 13 other people!! I finally received it back today!! While my scarf was being circulated around to the 13 others, I worked on each person's scarf as it came to me!! This was a lot of fun, and I had no idea what this was going to look like when it returned home.

I love it!! Each person used a different stitch pattern, a different color, and it is just outstanding!!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my scarf, a
nd I really enjoyed working on all the others, too!!

Then, what happened when I came home today?!? I received another package!! This was from my dishcloth exchange partner for September-October, Susan. Here's what Susan sent me:

Two dishcloths that she knitted and a beautiful autumn-themed Hug-Mitt!! The pink and white one really looks like an angel!! And I love that Hug-Mitt!! Do you even know how many times I've burnt my hands (remember the big blister on my thumb from the melted brown sugar?) and arms while cooking?

But, really, this is so beautiful, that I think I'm going to use it as a table runner for Thanksgiving to place hot dishes on. I'll have my son, oldest daughter and some of their friends who unfortunately have no family to share a Thanksgiving. So, we'll make out own family, and we have so much to be thankful for!!

Oh, and I'm having a problem with Day 5 of The Love Dare!! I asked my son to tell me 3 things that about me that either irritate him or make him uncomfortable, and he said he couldn't come up with one thing!!

I told him to think a little harder!!

K--that's all for a while!!



Kay Martin said...

What a wonderful mailman surprise. I hope that you "travel" somewhere delightful in your traveling scarf. I love to knit...I need to find some friends who knit.

God bless you.

Debra said...


What a beautiful scarf! I'm so delighted that you were delighted!

May I make a suggestion for your Love Dare challenge with your son? Ask him to write it down and tell him no matter what it won't hurt your relationship...it's going to help it. Maybe that will help. But I sure wouldn't force the issue...I'd be happy if I did nothing to irritate my son! tee hee

Blessings to you today!

Tea said...

Love the hug mitt and the Midnight Magic dish cloth.

You must be an angel if your son can't think of anything about you that irritates him! :)

Chatty Kelly said...

Looks like you've had a great week! I love receiving packages in the mail. Unfortunately, I don't knit.

Hope your week continues to be great!