Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday my youngest daughter arrived from Texas for a 4 day visit. My son and I left in plenty of time to arrive at the airport well ahead of her flight arrival.

But, traffic on the Baltimore Beltway was just terrible! By the time we got to I-95 (where it is usually smooth sailing in the airport), it was 11 a.m. and her flight was due to arrive at 11:30. That was still okay, we'd still make this in time!

The smooth sailing turned into choppy waters as the traffic grew heavier and heavier into the airport. Where was everyone going? We finally get to the parking garage and can't find a parking spot!!

In the meantime, my daughter has text messaged my son that her flight arrived 20 minutes early, "I'm here, where are you?" And we're still looking for a parking spot!!

Finally, a parking spot--a mad rush into the airport--and a big welcome back to my Texan transplant!!

We left the airport after collecting her luggage and went to Inner Harbor.

I've got some pics to share!!!
A momma and mallard duck swimming in one of the harbor inlets

A view across the harbor with the Baltimore Aquarium in the background

Seagulls perched on the side of a harbor inlet with the old ship "Chesapeake" in the background

The "Lady Baltimore"--still used for cruises around the bay. My grandmother took my sister and I on a cruise on this very ship when we were 12!

My youngest daughter and son standing in front of some type of wire-mesh fish!

Looking up into the rigging of a ship

Then on to Lexington Market!!

This market is just awesome!! There are over 400 vendors, and the market itself is the size of an entire city block!! We ate lunch there at "Faidley's", one of the oldest vendors in the market. My daughter and I split a crab cake platter and a bowl of Maryland crab soup. We couldn't even finish all the food that was given to us even though we were splitting this!! And, I have to say, the crab cake was the best I've ever had, and being born and raised in Maryland--I've had a lot of crab cakes. My son had the haddock fillet platter, and the fish portion was so huge that the ends of it were hanging off the plate. He couldn't finish his food either.

We had so much food left, and it just didn't seem right to throw it away. The market isn't in the best section of the city, and we saw many homeless people while walking there from the harbor and also many just hanging around inside the market.

So we cleaned up our trash, gathered all of our leftovers onto one plate and left it there on the table for someone who was hungry to have a good meal.

Then home again, and we had a very nice day, a good time together, just enjoying each other's company!! And, by the way--the kitty did move!! I thought maybe after my huge lunch yesterday I had blown the entire week, but no--my kitty moved!!

K--That's all for a while!!



Chatty Kelly said...

8 lbs!! That's great!!!! Keep it up.

Glad you had a fun visit.

Peggy said...

Yea Kitty..8 lbs and doing good!

Blessings Beth...I'm glad you share Baltimore and the food with us but I really want to see you in a photo with your kids! I'm glad you shared your Andrew & Lindsay! Praying for Cara and all of you to have a wonderful time together! Get that baby blanket done! Do you have a back up gift? Enjoy the shower! I wrote you on Messenger and a reply to your comment via email & above comment also! Gotta go rest after I bring in the whiney dog and the barking ones! I need peace & quiet.
So I'm just listening over & over to JUST AS I AM with Brian!Thanks!

Aunt Kathy said...

Woo Hoo the Kitty moved.