Sunday, July 6, 2008

Well, I see I've fallen behing already!! Time to pick myself up and start blogging on a daily basis. It's good for the soul to write down how you're feeling.

How I've been feeling--I've had a major case of the blahs this weekend--having a little pity party for myself. I've been thinking about how my life is more than half over, how I thought life would be easier at this stage of the game, and it is just not! So, I had to feel a little sad over that for a while.

I'm feeling better now, and I'm just glad that I have enough--just enough--to get by. Sure, some extras here and there would be nice, but not necessary.

So--I finished one of my KAL's. The other will be finished tomorrow when I receive the last rows instructions. Here's a picture of the one that I completed:

Oh, and by the way, I did learn how to wrap and turn which wasn't as complicated as I was thining it was. So, that's another project underway along with how many other projects that are sitting around here uncompleted. I've made a pact with myself--no more starting projects and not completing them. One project at a time. Boy, does that sound boring to me!! But, I do think it will be a little more productive!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!


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Aunt Kathy said...

I didn't get the the Love to Knit KAL yet. it looks great.

Oh and I tore out my gathering wrap and turn, Adam got a hold of it and I couldn't restore the stitches that fell off.