Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Today

Just a quick note for today--I'm on my way out to my Small Group picnic. All three of my kids are coming along, and I'm so happy!! They are all 3 what I call "seekers"--seeking the truth and yet not quite believing yet. I'm glad they'll be with a lot of believers so that they can feel the care and love that we have for one another.

Tomorrow--I'll be starting that sock again!! And, I'm also going to be answering the question posed on Friday on the Internet Cafe--What would the title of the book of your life be? This may be a little long, and I know it will be very personal. So, stay tuned until tomorrow.

K--that's all for a while!


1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

praying that your children saw the benefit of Gods kingdom at the picnic

Looking forward to your life book title