Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My mind today!! I started out the day listening to the birds singing as the sun came up. And the thought came to me about how many species of birds there are, how each of them have a different song. How creative God is!! He made all of the different birds--so many beautiful colors, so many beautiful songs!!

Then I read a devotional about Jesus walking on the water, and how Peter came to Him also walking on the water--that is until he realized what he was doing and he began to sink. And, Jesus rebuked him for his little faith. I thought about this--was Jesus saying this out of anger or out of love.

This brought to mind the thought of a small toddler, taking his first steps towards his father--the father smiling and laughing with the child--so proud of his child as he takes his first steps. Then the child stops, realizes what he is doing and he falters and falls. Would the father be angry with the child? No, of course not!! He would be proud of this child, taking his first few unsteady steps. Then, he would help him up to try again.

This is the same way God is with us. We take a few steps forward, then we falter and fall. And, God, in His gracious love for us, reaches out His hand, picks us up and propels us forward--growing closer and closer to Him--day by day, moment by moment.

As for my knitting--I'm caught up with 2 of my KAL's and I intend to stay caught up this month. Falling behind in this frustrates me. I have one KAL though that I haven't started yet because I haven't mastered the wrap and turn technique--but I'm practicing. That's what I love about knitting---no matter how much you knit or how much you know, there's always something new to learn, and I love to learn new things!!

Alll for today---

Talk to you tomorrow!


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Aunt Kathy said...

Isn't it wonderful to KNOW that GOD is there whenever we fall, and HE never changes, HE will always pick us up to start again.

Which KAL has the wrap and turn technique, I am not sure if I know how to do that either