Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Today

Today has been a good day. I've felt well which is a plus all in itself!!

I've finished the two traveling scarves that have been waiting for me to finish and also boxed up the squares that I've been able to finish for The Ghana Project. Everyone is leaving for Ghana on 6/3, so these squares will be used in the afghans that will travel to Ghana in the late fall when the next trip is scheduled.

I've also managed to whip up a few dishcloths to send to soldiers in Afghanistan. I've heard from members of a knitting group that these soldiers are only issued a small washcloth and small towel. Imagine that--in a country where temperatures are over 100 degrees daily standing in the shade.

If you're interested in what our military needs overseas, go to There is a list from each branch of the military, updated daily, as to the needs of our military personnel overseas.
There are also e-mails from different individuals from different branches of the service requesting things like granola bars, baby wipes, soap, magazines, etc.

I'm not politically minded at all, but I do feel that these are our fellow men and women who are away from home, sometimes without basic needs. And if we can help supply them with what they need or want while they are away from home, then I feel that we should.

If you're interested in helping by knitting a dishcloth, please get in touch with me, and I'll direct you to the correct source to send it to. Please visit the above website. It is touching, and tells more about the feelings and needs of our military then we will ever know from any newspaper or television station.

Have a wonderful rest of the day!!


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Aunt Kathy said...

I am glad you had a good day.

I will check out that soldier site, I would love to help