Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Christmas Dishcloth Story

Now, I know that it's not Christmas or even close to Christmas. But, I saw this dishcloth on someone's blog. She had made it for her mom for Christmas, and it's a dishcloth made to look like her mom's house.

I fell in love with this, so I had to make it! I don't know yet who will be the recipient of this cloth--maybe I'll do something different and keep it for myself!!

On another note, I've located a website called Newborns in Need. Since I have a TON of baby yarn that isn't being used at the moment, I've decided to contact our local chapter of Newborns in Need so that I can use my God given talent to help His smallest ones stay warm. I've just sent them an e-mail, so I'll keep you posted on that topic.

Our church service today was awesome!!! We're starting a new series called "iGod"--what would God be saying to you if He were in your iPod? And today--today I learned that God is my everything. I already knew that, but hearing it spoken to me, sung to me--well, this message just reinforced this in my heart and soul. God is always present, always powerful, always loving.

Our God is an awesome God!!

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