Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rough Times

I've had some rough times lately. And during these rough times, I've been so grateful to have my spiritual family around me. They have shown care, comfort, love and encouragement. All these people in my life have reflected the love of Jesus. I just wanted a space to say thank you to each and every one of them for being here for me.

I am finally getting better, slowly, day by day. But,during this time, I've also grown even closer to God. So, I understand truly what the verse being thankful in all circumstances means.

God has used this time in my life to slow me down, make me rest, realize where my priorities lie and to draw me closer to Him.

And my children and I have also drawn closer together--realizing how much we love and care for each other.

Have a wonderful day!!


1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

Well spoken Beth.

God always knows more then we do and His ways are always best.


Oh and thank you for the positive feedback. I'll watch for the picture on your blog when you finally get one.