Sunday, January 17, 2010

A New Start

It's been 5 long months since I've posted anything at all!! I don't know where this time has gone, but a lot has occurred....

Where to begin....

I'll start in the beginning of November:

Cara, Ryan and Lindsay found a house nearby to rent. The three of time moved, and now we're back to Andrew and me--just as we started out back in February of 2009.

God chose November 26, 2009, to bring my granddaughter into our world. Yes, she was born on Thanksgiving Day at 8:36 a.m. weighing in at 8 pounds 12.4 ounces and 21 inches long.

And, I want to add a big thank you here to my youngest daughter, Lindsay....who cooked the entire Thanksgiving Dinner by herself while I was at the hospital--waiting and wondering. The whole meal was completed by the time I returned home, and she did an excellent job--probably better than I could have at that point!!

Unfortuately, Cara had an infection in her placenta that extended into the amniotic fluid. This infection was causing some distress to both Cara and the baby during labor, so an emergency C-section needed to be performed, and the baby had to spend 1 week in the NICU.

Cara had a fever went she went into labor, and the baby was born with a fever also. Many tests were performed on this little one--including blood cultures and a spinal tap. Many prayers were prayed during this time by many for both my daughter and granddaughter.

And God answered those prayers. Neither the blood cultures or the spinal tap revealed any organisms that may have spread from the amniotic fluid to the baby, and she was deemed fully healthy and able to go home at one week old.

So, I proudly introduce to you:

Lydia Caroline

One Day Old in the NICU

Lydia is now 7 1/2 weeks old and keeping both of her parents busy and on their toes. Cara is exhausted most of the time. Her C-section incision became infected necessitating a readmission to the hospital for I.V. antibioitcs, and this is still not completely healed.

I've been repacking her incision--first every day--now we're down to every other day--and this is slowly......very slowly healing.

Lydia has progressed to smiling, cooing now and again, and we all have fallen completely in love with her.

5 weeks old

I never realized how the love of a grandmother could be so completely different from the love of a mother, but it is. I can't explain how or why, but being a grandmother is a totally wonderful experience that I am thoroughly enjoying.

Yes, I am still knitting and pictures today though....the batteries are dead in my camera and need replaced....I wonder why?



Tea said...

Hi Beth,
It was great to read your post as I'd been wonderin' how you were doin'.

Your granddaughter is a total cutie pie for sure. Sorry to hear Cara has had such a rough time of it. Will keep her in my prayers.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Nana! :)

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth...and Lydia Caroline, Cara, Ryan, Lindsay and Andrew...
Congratulations to all and prayers for Cara to heal completely soon.

WOW 5 months! Lots to catch up on and let's get those batteries working in that camera! I'm glad I didn't have to wait this long to hear your news!

Hey, you took off that beautiful header! I like this one but on that shimmering golden one, I could read
the Masterpiece verse much better!

I'm so glad that you are enJOYing being a grandmother! Of course with that precious face of that adorable offspring, changing all the time,
these moments will quickly pass and you need to capture as much as you can you're excused for not blogging! Waiting to see more photos of that THANKS GIVING bundle
and your recent projects! So thankful God answered prayers for a healthy baby! Happy to see that you finally posted this fabulous announcement before she's a year old. I will pray for Cara! Actually for all of them so they draw close to God so they can accept Him as their Lord & Savior! Keep enJOYing being a gramma! So glad you shared.

Love & hugs, and prayers...

Beth in NC said...

Oh Beth, she is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I am so thankful she and your daughter are well.

kadezmom said...

great to see you Beth!!! I'm glad all has ended well, and what a beautiful baby!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Beth...she is beautiful!!! You are so right about a grandmother's love and the love of a mother. They are both so different but uniquely the same too.

I've missed you but I see your from time to time on FB beating my high scores! lol

Love and miss you!