Sunday, January 24, 2010

Of Dishcloths and Hotpads

Hmmmm...............I've been looking in my dishcloth drawer, and looks very sad. Many of my dishcloths are old, tattered and worn. Some have hardly any color left at all...just faded away with their many washings.
So, I decided to start working on some dishcloths. As each one is completed, it is placed in the drawer and an old one is placed in the "rag bag" to be used for dusting and floor scrubbing.
Dishcloths and hotpads--start a project, finish a project in no time--mission accomplished!!

Let's see what I've managed so far this year:

This is the January KAL for the Monthly Dishcloth group:

and here we have the Mid-January KAL from the same group:

This one is from the Knit Dishcloth group for the beginning of January:

This is from a pattern that I've had for quite some time and use over and over again:

Cara has decided that she would like to learn to crochet, so I'm going to start her off with these hotpads--easy, quick, only one stitch:

She and I are thinking that if she gets the hang of this, we can go to some flea markets during the spring, summer and fall with our wares and hopefully end up with a little extra cash in our pockets!!

I told Cara that if we take Lydia along we'll be sure to have more people stopping by to at least look at what we have for sale.

Making her silly face just before breaking into a smile!

Amongst all the many blessings my family has experienced, I'm feeling somewhat down due to my job situation. This job is becoming overwhelming and very mentally exhausting.

I've been dealing with this for some time, and I'm to the point where I basically work and sleep--with a little knitting and crocheting in between just to keep my mind off the job. But thoughts of this creep in even when I am sleeping.

I think the time has definitely come for a change.



kadezmom said...

Yep, it's time to go job looking. Either you'll find something or find that the one you have looks better {{{hugs}}}

Great new additions to your kitchen collection

Peggy said...

WOW!!! Look at that sweet face of Lydia and all these dish cloths!

Thanks for sharing these photos & the update! Looks like PROGRESS and I did not even know you were posting! This is great...keep crocheting and I'm waiting to see Cara's work! Sounds like a good idea to join forces!