Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm So Excited, and I Just Can't Hide It!!!

Yes, I am excited!!! Yes, I am ecstatic!! Yes, I am jumping for joy!! And I just have to share my happiness and joy with all of you!!

God has answered a prayer of mine!! This has been a prayer that I've requested of our Lord for quite a long time, and I've waited patiently for Him to answer--

waiting.......waiting.....waiting.....5 years of waiting!!

And the answer has come last night!!!! Thank you, God!!!

Here is the story:

I have lived in an apartment since 1999--three different apartments. At first, I was at peace in my apartment living situation--the first one was an escape from a terrible situation.

The second apartment was not so peaceful--the terrible situation was back!! And so, I moved again to my third apartment. I have been here for 5 years.

I will more than likely never be able to purchase a home. My home was lost to foreclosure, and I will carry that with me always.

I'm not complaining about my living situation because I am thankful I have a roof over my head. But, there are things I miss by apartment living.

I miss having a garden. I miss being able to dig in the dirt, plant flowers, nurture them and watch them grow. I miss being able to sit outside and read or do whatever and just be!!

Last night, one of my son's friends called me. He owns a home, and he has purchased a second home to use as a rental property.

When he called me, he said that he looked at this house, and I immediately came to his mind--that this house would be for me!!

And then he went on to describe the house--a small 3 bedroom rancher, a yard, a deck on the back overlooking the creek, the kitchen newly remodeled, a washer and dryer already there. He said, "It's all ready, Mutti--all ready for you. Just give me the word."

I then asked him about the security deposit--I just don't have that kind of money laying around. He said, "Not for you, Mutti, not for you. I've known you since I was a little boy. No security deposit for you."

I asked him what kind of heating system this house has. "Oil. But the tank is over half-full, and I'm going to top it off for you. Don't worry about it."

Air conditioning? "Yes, central air."

Three bedrooms? "Yes, three bedrooms--one for you, one for Andrew, and one to be made into an office and craft room for you."

Can I plant flowers? "As many as you want."

Does it need any repairs at all? "I'm going to replace the bathroom linoleum with ceramic tiles just because I like them. Other than that, you could move in tomorrow. Brand new siding on the house. Everything in perfect condition."

Okay--here's the big question--how much a month? "All I'm asking is enough to cover the mortgage, and from what you've told me that is less than what you're paying in rent. We'll work it all out. Don't worry yourself--this house is for you. I know it. When I looked at it, I said to myself that this house is for Mutti. I can just see you sitting on the deck, looking at the creek, reading and knitting. I bought it for you. I'll help you move, I'll help you in whatever way I can."

Can I tell you that I am sitting here crying? Because that is exactly what I'm doing!!

God has answered my prayers for a small home to live in and enjoy and relax!! All answered through a friend of my son's. His name is Josh, and I have known him since he was just a little boy. He and my son have been friends for years, and to think that he thought of me in this way--well, I tell you--I just can't stop crying for joy!!

I haven't even seen this house yet, and I know in my heart that it is the house for me. We're going to look at it on Tuesday after work since we both have Monday things to attend to.

I'll take my camera to share pictures with you of my new home. And here, I took the last week of February off and was just going to stay here and knit. Looks like I'm going to be moving instead. Hmmmmm......the time off also in God's planning? I would have to say definitely "YES"!!

Thank you, God, for hearing and answering my prayers!! I've waited patiently, and now the answer has come! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I do have a request to make of you. If you read this and you feel as strongly as I do in the power of prayer, please copy the button that I've made and post this on your own blog. It is located the top of the page. You might even want to post a little something about "The Lighthouse of Prayer".

All around, I read of people needing prayer, requesting prayer. We need the word to be spread about "The Lighthouse"--a place where everyone can come and leave a prayer request--even anonymously--and prayers will be uplifted for you. Everyone can join in the prayers uplifting others. This is an interactive blog, and we need to be here for one another, joining together in our requests to God's Throne.

He does hear and He does answer!!



Debbie said...

Dear Beth,
I am rejoicing with you in your answered prayer! God is so good and He is sovereign. You have been thankful for His provision and protection over the years. And now, He is blessing you. How awesome is that? I have a different situation. I've lived in a beautiful home for years but now we must sell. I'm praying that God will send a buyer soon. Thank you for sharing this with your blogging friends. I will post your Lighthouse of Prayer button on my blog. Hugs to you, my friend.

Dorothy Champagne said...

That is so exciting - a time of rejoicing!

Peggy said...

Praising God with you & for you Beth!!! Perfect timing for Our Lord! Love your button work...kinda tiny...but you did it that's what counts! And God sure does answer prayer! You deserve this...hope it's everything you've dreamed of! Thank you friend of Andrew for being an instrument of God & so wonderful of a person to think of Beth! Hope Andrew approved too!
God bless thoughtful friends!

kadezmom said...



You do know that we want pictures, right????????

Victoria said...

Wow, Beth! That's so wonderful. I got teary-eyed too!
Holler when you're ready to move and I'll line up the crew!

Knittin Kudzu said...

Oh Beth, I am covered with glory bumps! Praise the Lord! What wonderful news for you! I can't wait to see pictures of your garden!!!

Blessings, Sandy

Aunt Kathy said...

Beth, well well look at that!! Our message at church today was we have been praying in drought but the rain is starting to fall, we are going to see what it's like when God fills the earth with His Spirit. Looks like you are getting some rain. Praise GOD

Denise said...

Praise God, I am so very happy for you my friend, love you.

Darlene said...

Beth, I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear more of the place God has prepared for you! I am also thrilled to hear your prayer was answered. I really need to hear good news for a change and a reminder that God is listening to our prayers!
Congrats my friend!

Chatty Kelly said...

Praise the Lord! God loves YOU so much! Wow, every detail worked out to his glory. Praise his holy name! So happy for you today Beth. And what an impact you must have made in this young man's life for him to think of you this way.

Hugs to you!

Marsha said...

Oh Beth! God is so Good!!

Praising God with you.

Beth in NC said...

That is so wonderful!!! Praise God! Enjoy your new blessing!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh Beth, that is so wonderful. What a great sweet young man! I just wrote a post about waiting on the Lord. When we wait upon Him, great things happen. And yes, I believe your time off was already planned before you even thought of it. Can't wait to see your new home. Am sooooo happy and jumping for joy for you. God is Good!

The Lighthouse is an awesome program. I have their button on my blog as well.
God Bless you sweet Beth. Many blessings to you and good luck with your move. Thank you for sharing a positive moment!

Kay Martin said...

Oh, Yes, thank You God for showing my beautiful sister, Beth, that You heard her and her delight lines up with Your designs in her life!

Yesterday I was hit with some robberies the enemy has done with the sins in my family. I wasn't only sad but I got angry. I prayed for God to forgive me for my anger and suddenly I realized my anger lined with Heavenly Father. I called out Scriptures that show legally the enemy has to pay back what he has stolen from God's own.

Yes, he is having to pay now for all he has robbed you and yours. Thank You, Lord, and may Beth walk into her own knowing You laid down these legal principles from the beginning. She is totally Yours and she is so ready for this beautiful home that she delights to see what You and she will do with it!!!

Hallelujah. Thank you for sharing this with us today. I delight in your delight!!!

Pray for my special place supervisor job with census 2010...that will be my delight; hope it's God's design. But His answer is perfect even when it is: no.

God bless you!!

Judith said...

Oh Beth I cried as I read your post!! now I can't wait to see the photos of your new home. God bless you, Judith

Tea said...

\o/ What a blessing!! \o/
\o/ Thank the Lord, Beth!! \o/
\o/ HE IS mindful of us. \o/

Wiping tears and wondering if you'd like some of my lilies or something else I could share for you to plant.

We need to have a big blogger housewarming for Beth, Y'all! I'll make the mints and send them when you get settled. Very cool. So very cool.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Beth! I got tears in my eyes and goose bumps down my arms and back just reading about God's goodness and His blessing in your life. WOW!!!!

I am so happy for you! What a blessing, gift wrapped and handed to you by a friend of the that you have made a great impression on through the years. God's timing is perfect!!!

Enjoy your new home, my friend! I hope to have your house warming present there not long after you get settled in. :-)

Love you!