Sunday, February 1, 2009

And Today is the Day



Now, I have to tell you that I am not a football fan!! But, this is the conversation that I'm hearing and seeing everywhere for the past week. I just had to throw in the Baltimore Ravens because I am from Baltimore, they had a good chance of being in the Superbowl, and I suppose I should support my hometown!

My friend, Linda, is in Tampa right this very minute! She is a huge Steelers fan having been born and raised in that area. From what I can deduct from talking with her, there is NO ONE from the Pittsburgh area who is NOT a Steelers fanatic!!

I suppose I will support the Steelers in support of Linda. She has even made me an "Honorary Steelers Fan". But, I'm thinking also that it would be nice for the Cardinals to win--just because they are a good team and they've never won before.

But, do I really care? No, I could care less who wins the Super Bowl!! I'm just not into sports that much. Don't boo me!!!


It was a tough battle, a struggle from the start, but I have accomplished something myself on this day.

I won't be receiving a trip to Disney World or a spectacular ring for this accomplishment, but it's an accomplishment that I fought long and hard for:


I'm not finished yet, but here is a starting picture of my bobble dishcloth designed by Aunt Kathy!!

I'm not even going to tell you how many times I started this, frogged it and started over again!! It seems so simple, and it is--once you get the hang of it!! But, it was getting the hang of it that was my main problem!!

Not finished yet, but on the way!!

Now, if you would, please follow me.......This is something really exciting to share!! C'mon--you don't want to miss this news!!



Debbie said...

Since I live in Phoenix, I so want the underdog CARDINALS to win big today!!!! But I guess if I lived in Pittsburgh, I'm sure I'd be behind the Steelers. My dad and brother live in the Tampa Bay area and they are joining me in cheering on our team.

Beth, you're very talented. My mom used to knit, crochet, sew, needlepoint, etc. That gene must have skipped me but I appreciate other's talents in that area. Have a great Lord's day!

grey like snuffie said...

Oh I haven't thought about Bobbles for a while. I started a baby blanket with Bobbles and even the experts at the local knitting shop had trouble helping me. So I just came home, got online to look for the knitting video site I love and PRACTICED....a lot. They are so cool. Congratulations!!!!!

Marsha said...

Even though PA is my birthplace, I've got to go with AZ. I really respect Kurt Warner - the quarterback. Fine Christian man.

Peggy said...

I'm going with the CARDINALS also!
They are closest to me! And Steelers have had enough glory!

The glory goes to God anyways!

I'm not in to FOOTBALL at all!
I love teams with great Christians!

Congratulations on "bobbles" success??? whatever that is. But those colors are beautiful...thanks for spreading the news & EXTRA
shout of PRAISE to our LORD! Who is worthy of much more shouting than a
stadium with football fanatics!

Peggy said...

YEAH for the KITTY!!! And of course over at POWER OF YOUR LOVE!!! I wrote my WOO HOO there! Yippee!!!
Yahoo! Let's GO GIRLS!

Aunt Kathy said...

You did it Beth. I am so happy for you. And next week that Kitty will me in double digits too. Nice.

Denise said...

Go Cardnials.

kadezmom said...



Dorothy Champagne said...

I have to say - I grew up a half an hour from Pittsburgh and I'm not a Steeler fan. My brother isn't either. Of course - I, like you, could care less about football. Now I'm going to click your link and head over to the other blog. :)