Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Project Started!

I have started a new project. This is certainly not the first pair of socks that I've ever started, but I've made up mind that these will be the first pair that I complete!!

This is the start of You and Me Socks designe
d by Debbie O'Neill. As if I didn't already have enough yarn, I joined the Sock of the Month Club--yes, there is such a thing as a sock of the month. Luckily you can join to receive a pattern and yarn every other month because realistically, I just don't have time to knit a pair of socks a month with all the other commitments (like work) that I have going on. But, every other month seems like something I could handle.

So, here is the start of my first sock that I am going
to complete!!

I have about another inch of the ribbing to do, and then on the the pattern of the sock itself. We'll see how this goes, and I'll post some pictures as I go along--so you can see how this is coming and for my own accountability!!

Now, I've had some people ask me about dishcloths--why so many dishcloths? I belong to two different dishcloth groups--each knitting two dishcloths a month--that adds up to a lot of dishcloths in a year!!

I have to say this about dishcloths--they are versatile and useful in so many ways--not only for dishes!! I use them in the shower, to dust, the older ones I use to scrub the floors. And then I have these two daughters who are always asking for these for themselves and friends.

And here's the greatest thing about knitting a dishcloth--I almost always learn something new that I haven't tried before--a new stitch, a new technique--that I can carry over onto a project that will certainly cost more than a dishcloth. These are an inexpensive way to learn something new!!

I have a new one going on right now from Knit Dishcloths designed by my friend, Aunt Kathy. This one is going to be round with bobbles!! What??? Bobbles?? Well, I've tried these before without much success, but she has promised to help me!! Thank you, Aunt Kathy!!

Another question I've been asked--Do I love to knit and truly find it relaxing? Yes, I do!!

A cup of coffee, some good music, a skein of yarn and needles--I'm happy and set for a day!! (oh, but I have to go to work in order to pay for this enjoyment!)!!!

I've got to go now and get ready for work soon. There's about 4 inches of snow that I have to clean from my car before I can go anywhere!! I'll be sure to be back later and share some pictures of the most snow we've had this year. I think Aunt Kathy has it all at her house--would you mind sharing--just a little bit, Kathy? We're missing our snow here this year!!



Denise said...

Awesome, love the color.

grey like snuffie said...

A sock club...I have a friend who would love that. And I do believe I am jealous of your snow...we just can't seem to get much this year. I LOVE the big flakes falling kind...during the day please...but alas this has not been the year for it.

Aunt Kathy said...

Beth we are on the opposite months of the sock club, BUT I WANT THIS PINK SOCK... oh man, I wonder if I can get this order anyway... I need to go find out.

I will help you with the bobbles, and my friend if you want the SNOW please come and GET it. We can have a little knit togehter while you are here too. {{hint hint}}

As for the Pay It Forward... I did this last year, but I LOVE sending stuff to others so I will send a gift to at least 3 people this year, in your honor. Because you so freely give from what the Lord has given you.

Kay Martin said...

Scientists and behavior specialists have proven that knitting has a relaxing affect on people. The Bible tells the young women to keep their hands busy...I believe modern women could have avoided many problems if their hands had been busy!!! I know I've kept my mouth shut at key times by clanking the needles together faster. I think my husband and children realized something was up when my speed of knitting kicked up in high gear!!!

Tea said...

Beautiful pink yarn! Hope the socks turn out great. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the color, Beth! You are so talented. I wish I had something like that I could do to relax.

Keep the pictures see what you make!


kadezmom said...

great start to the sock. This is's going to be the first complete pair. ohhhhh! So exciting. I love the color as well.


sailorcross said...

Thanks for all your encouragement on the socks!! This is definitely the ones that I am going to finish!!

Kathy--as soon as I opened the package I thought of you--how PINK this is!!

And in return for you blessing three others with your love, I'm going to be sending you something--but it's not going to be for you but for someone special in your life. And believe it or not, I'm going to have to go buy yarn in order to do this!!

Also, since I see the next dishcloth is for Valentine's Day, I'm going to be changing the color of my bobbles!! I'm going to try again today, and if I still can't get it, I'll be asking for help!! Hopefully, I'll figure it out!!


Peggy said...

Yeah...Aunt Kathy....another Pay it Forward!!!

Oh Beth...beautiful project & pink!

Lots to do and work to go pay for your delights! Plus you answer people's how to teach knitting or crochet online.

You keep pressing on & relaxing!
Kay has the proof! Life is good!
God is GREAT! Love your mission projects...much to do! I love you,
pray you are feeling better. I think ABCs should go here and TT there...cuz...well, you decide!

Keep moving KITTY!!!

sailorcross said...

Weigh-in Day is now officially on Friday's!! So the Kitty Tracker will be movin' along on Fridays from now on!!