Friday, January 23, 2009

News About Miles

For those of you who have never had the wonderful experience of meeting my kitty, Miles, I've posted two pictures of him so you may become acquainted with him.

As you can see, Miles is an adventurous kitty--defying laws of gravity to jump and perch in Christmas trees, loves getting tangled up in my yarn (which has been reorganized and put out of his reach), and attacking my older kitty, Scout, as she just happens to be walking by. I don't have a picture of this feat--happens just too quickly!

He is now of the age where I would take him to the vet to be neutered, and I was hoping, so hoping that this would settle him down--just a little bit!!

Well, Miles has been acting strangely lately. He has been trying to go outside when I leave for work and when I come home! He has never been outside, and I thought he was just getting to the age where he wanted to go "tom" around (you know what I mean!).

Last evening, he started meowing as if he were in pain! He was following my son and I around, rubbing himself all around our legs as we walked and just being an altogether nuisance!

I started thinking about this--I was given Miles in the spring as a gift when I was ill. I was told that he was a male, and I NEVER LOOKED!! I just assumed that he was a male since that is what I was told!

I said to my son, "I think this cat is a girl!" His reply, "No, way! He can't be a girl!" I told him that we had better look!

So, between the two of us, we anchored Miles for just a minute and checked out this situation. To our surprise, there is no male paraphernalia on this kitty.

MILES IS A GIRL!!! And not only that--he/she is a girl in heat!! Oh, no!!

Andrew sent Lindsay a text message regarding this most upsetting situation. She called and is hysterical that we didn't even know that our boy kitty is actually a girl!!

Now we have Miles (should I change his/her name?) meowing around here all night long, trying to get outside, and well, all I have to say is that it just isn't pleasant!

This is what happens when we just assume something!



Denise said...

Oh my goodness, lol

Tea said...

I feel your

Oh yeah, you're gonna need some new names to consider. A name is everything. My offering to remedy your plight.

sMiles or Miley or Millie

Aunt Kathy said...

I think Miles still fits... and thanks for the laugh, that's too funny. At first I thought you were gonna say Scout and Miles... well... you know where I was going. it won;t last long and then the Vet can fix her up. {{smile}}

Knittin Kudzu said...

Oh my goodness! Too funny...I can't stop smiling! I think Milly or Miley would be a great "new" name!

Blessings, Sandy

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth...You & MILEY need it! Can you afford getting her fixed? A cat in heat can drive anyone crazy...hope it's not like dogs...theirs is 3 weeks but only twice a year! I looked at the photo with yarn how could you not tell before now...even I can see in the male stuff. maybe Millie(Milly)Silly Milly...only truly this time I think it's silly Beth...what a stitch & not a knitting one!!! God is working on patience on both of us...overtime.

Chatty Kelly said...

I love the name Miley...but I think Miles is fine too. He/She doesn't know the difference! Get her fixed, and she'll be fine.

Congrats on your "new" kitty. LOL!

Tiffanie said...

Oh my... that is absolutely classical! So funny (from an outside perspective anyway). Wow, what a complex the poor thing must have, with a boy's name and being called he and all. :)

Hope all is well otherwise!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness...forgive me for laughing, but it is a little funny! Hehehe! I think you and Miley will have fun in the years ahead and will laugh about this moment for a long time ;-)

I immediately thought of Miley and I see another reader did the same. No need to confuse her!

Happy Friday, dear friend!


Truth4thejourney said...

Laugh out loud!!! I needed to laugh tonight! We had a similar thing happen to us, only she ended up having kitties!!! A cat in heat is not a pleasant thing. As soon as she's done get her fixed, you'll all be glad! LOL!!!


Wife of Rob said...

Coming from someone who survived two kitties in heat at one the vet!! Also, it hurts them to be in heat, so if you can get her spayed...she would be most appreciative ;o)

How about just add an "S" to the front of her name and make her "Smiles", since she has made so many smiles after this ordeal!