Monday, January 12, 2009

Mission 4 Monday--The Ghana Project/Key of Hope

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the good news of God's grace......Acts 20:24

As I think about this--my mission not only for Monday, but for every day of my life--testifying to the good news of God's grace, I sometimes feel that I am not doing enough.

But, Jesus has said that His burden is light and His yoke is easy (Matthew 28:30).

We each have been given, through the Holy Spirit, different spiritual gifts and talents. Why then, do I sometimes feel that I have to do it all? It is not for me to do it all. God never intended this to be my burden alone. This is why we each have different gifts and talents, so that the tasks could be spread among us--we each can contribute our part using our own specific gifts that God has bestowed upon us. God does not want us to feel burdened and overwhelmed in accomplishing His work!

My particular talent was given to me at the age of 9 when my neighbor taught me to knit. So, I am using this talent to participate in The Ghana Project/Key of Hope.

If you have never visited their site, please take the time to do so. It is so rewarding to see and read about God's people joining together to make afghans to send not only to Ghana for those undergoing spinal surgeries, but also to Durban, South Africa to the Key of Hope Project for children suffering from the AIDS virus. Many of these children are "street children", having lost their parents to this disease.

What a comfort an afghan would be on a cold, rainy night!!

This project is very simple. All you need to do is make 7 inch squares and then send them to Pam who puts them all together in an afghan. She even supplies instructions for these squares. You can either knit or crochet them--as long as they are 7 inches square. They must be made of acrylic yarn for easy washing, drying and long use.

I know (since I just reorganized my yarn) that I have a lot of leftover yarn from various projects that can easily make a 7 inch square.

I have committed myself to making this my mission for everyday--one square a day. I'm using double stranded baby yarn for these squares. I have had to purchase none (that's how much I have in stock!) And a 7 inch square goes very quickly--I've made one before I went to work in the morning.

I know that a lot of knitters and crocheters stop by here for a visit. I also know about how much yarn we all have left over from our various projects.

Why not think about checking out this site and donating a square or maybe a few!! You don't need to send enough to make an entire afghan--just how many your heart calls you to make.

I've included two pictures of the afghans that have been put together by Pam--all from squares that others have donated:

Aren't they beautiful!! Please stop by The Ghana Project/Key of Hope site, and you can read all about their projects, how this came about, instructions for knitting the squares as well as more pictures of completed afghans.

Not much time, not much trouble, not much expense--and you can have a mission to help others in need--a comfort and warmth following a surgery--a comfort and warmth to a homeless child stricken with the AIDS virus.

Won't you join me in this mission? To read more about Mission 4 Monday, please visit Peggy. She has all the details there!!


If you're participating or would like to join in the Weekly Memory Verse, stop by next door!!


Kay Martin said...

Beth, I've come to love you so through your blog and your insightful loving comments on my blog. I have wanted to jump back in my yarn stash, but I just couldn't get at it. Well, today with love in my heart for you I plan to begin my squares. You are my motivation... I'm sure when I read of the children; God will move my heart to knit for Him, them and you. But hear are my beginning motivation.

God bless you with His all!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

You know squares are part of my mission this year.

Judith said...

My heart leapt as your read your post. I lived and worked in Ghana for The Salvation Army from 1998-2001 as a Projects Officer raising monies for various projects. So thank you for your contribution to Ghana by the gift you have of knitting. Take care, Judith (Judith on Sunday)

Denise said...

Such a precious ministry.

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh what an amazing idea. I want to check into this more. I am thinking the girls in our ministry could do something similar.
Thanks for sharing this and for your wonderful thoughts on personal ministry. You really blessed me this morning.
Hugs my sister.

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth... Need I say more!!

How long my sister??? Look within and there you will find all that God has placed in you for mission, for purpose...for sharing God's light. You see it was already there, you were already doing it...
now go for GOLD!!! More for Ghana!
Thank you Pam! Thank you Beth!

Thank you God! For this ministry & Beth. Thank You for showing Beth as she waited for getting into to share with her DVC or church or someone willing to participate
and give of their gifts, their time.

You spoke to her. She listened and responded! Though all along she was committing her work unto You!

Look at all you have stirred by sharing what you do! May God continue to use you & your creative ways to serve Him in His Kingdom.
This is more than sharing your have motivated at least 2 or more to join the mission. May they carry out what was placed in their heart! I still believe that your home mission of giving to the homeless, etc. needs to be done. Perhaps one to Ghana, then one to home! Now who can put all these squares together for you to hand out as God continues to lead. Excellent project! May God increase your heart's desires!

Thanks for joining Mission 4 Monday! AWESOME!!!(see email)

kadezmom said...

I like the idea of mission 4 monday...that's new to me too.

Last year I made some 7 inch squares that I was going to edge for Victory Junction Gang Camp, but ran out of yarn. I think my project this week is to find these squares, make sure they are seven inches and mail them off to Peggy. Thanks for spurring me on. this goes right along with dealing with the clutter in my house that I'd rather ignore. I'd be better off with it gone, and they'd be better off with it! See, God's so good that way.

"grammiepammie" said...

Thank you SO much for your lovely comments on my ministry; I love to see the way the Lord moves! Thank you for visiting my site and inspiring others, as well. I serve the Lord through serving others.
In Christ;
aka: grammiepammie

Wife of Rob said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH! Beth! Your blog turned out GREAT!!!! I'm so excited!!! You are now an "old pro!!" Now that you've "taken the template plunge"...I can assure you, you'll be wanting to change your template like you change your's SO much fun!

Way to go!!

Wife of Rob said...

Oh my....I got so excited when I saw you're new blog layout that I forgot to comment on what I meant to comment on!!!

I love this post....I WISH that I was as crafty as you and some of the other ladies. I would love to be able to knit and crochet....but I was not blessed with that talent. But I'm so moved to see others who are using their crafts for the Lord!

Keep up the fabulous work!